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Special Proclamation Prayer for Today

Father, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,

Your Word declares that if we, Your people, who are called by Your name, will humble ourselves and pray and seek Your face and turn from our wicked ways, then will You hear from heaven and You will forgive our sin and will heal our land. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

We bow before Your sacred throne and humbly ask Your forgiveness for the sin of idolatry! Your word demands; “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me”, yet we have, under the banner of pluralism and hedonism, embraced and worshipped the gods of this world. Take us back to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! (Exodus 20:3)

Through moral and spiritual compromise and complacency, we have allowed our nation to conform to the ways of the world by turning away from our spiritual roots found in Your Word. (Romans 12:2)

Our silence has produced a secular nation and all nations that forget You, shall be forsaken. We ask that You hear our cry, for we need You, in these desperate times, to lead us out of our politically correct fog of constant confusion and take us back to Your moral clarity. (Psalm 9:17)

O Lord our God, King of the Universe, we confess that America cannot survive without Your presence. Your statutes founded this blessed land and we look to You, Father God, to preserve it, for “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” (Psalm 33:12)

As commanded in scripture, we pray for all who are in authority who govern our nation; may their decisions be led by the perfect compass of your Holy Word which clearly discerns right from wrong. (I Timothy 2:1-3)

O Lord our God, You have promised to raise up righteous leaders into high places and to remove those who have displayed unrighteous authority. We earnestly pray that You will once again exalt the righteous and expose the deeds of the ungodly. (Proverbs 14:33-35)

America must have spiritual renewal for moral survival! In this season of prayer, we unite in humble heartfelt hope and ask that You forgive us and deliver us from the folly of our transgressions. Guide and sustain our nation as we turn from our sin and return to You, the God of our fathers. (Psalm 51:1-17)

The time has come to declare our trust in You to heal our land. (2 Samuel 22:2-4; Psalm 5:11-12; Psalm 57:1-3)

We pledge to exercise our God given rights of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” in voting for future leaders from the county courthouse to the White House who obey and honor Your Word. (Deuteronomy 28:1-14; Psalm 119:44-48; Psalm5:11)

We pledge to vote the Bible in selecting those that will govern our country. (Deuteronomy 16:18-20)

Blessed are you, O Lord our God, for You are good and Your mercy endures forever. We petition heaven with our united prayers as we seek Your blessing, Your peace and Your protection for America. (I Chronicles 16:34; Numbers 6:22-26; Romans 15:13; Psalm 5:11)

May the Lord our God, be with us, as He was with our forefathers; may He not leave us or forsake us; so that He may incline our hearts to Himself, to walk in all His ways... that all peoples of the earth may know that the Lord is God and that there is no other. (1 Kings 8:57-60)



Q&A about God, Bible, Belief, and Truth

Come Worship with Us

There are people who are Christians, but do not attend a brick and mortar church.

There are also people who think they are Christians who do not attend church.

In truth, there are many people who do not attend church who do not profess to be Christian

at all. On the other hand, those same descriptors and disclaimers can apply to those who regularly

attend church.

There are people who are Christians, who regularly attend a brick and mortar church.

There are people who think they're Christians, but aren't, but feel

better if they make the effort to attend worship services confined within four walls. There are also

people who don't pretend to be Christians who attend a church that

meets in a building. Moral? Getting in your car and driving to church, or taking the bus or train, to worship

God in a building is not critically important to one’s Christianity.

It may help or it may hinder your relationship with God. Sitting in a

building does not transform us into being Christian -- and it

doesn't necessarily maintain our Christianity

We are starting Christianity Without the Religion (CWR) because

there is a need. Many who look to PTM for spiritual direction, and in fact consider PTM as their

church, have implored us to give them Christ-centered and Biblical based

teaching within the format of worship services.

There are many whom we already serve who have had a hell-on-earth experience with a group of people

who called themselves a church. These folks have been burned -- and have no intention of darkening the door

to any building with a sign outside that pronounces itself to be a church --truth is, they just won't take the risk

of being religiously mugged again. They feel safer worshiping online.

There are people we serve who can't find a healthy, well-balanced church close to their home. There

are people who can't, for health reasons, leave their home. There are people who find it difficult to

find or pay for transportation to get to the church they would like to attend. I've been an ordained

minister for over 30 years -- why not reach those who cannot or will not attend church in a building?


Join pastor Greg Albrecht at the Plain Truth for a new and revolutionary kind of church service. Here at CWR you'll find the

freedom of authentic, pure and genuine Christianity- Christianity

without walls or denominational barriers- Christianity without humanly imposed

rules, rituals and regulations. In short, you'll find Christianity Without

the Religion- a fresh, new approach to weekly worship.

truth makes sinners squirm

Making sinners squirm

Q. Should we use the law, specifically the Ten Commandments to convict the unsaved? To show them

that we all have broken God's holy law and are subject to the wrath of God? Does this prepare one's heart to

receive the grace of God's truth through the gospel of the cross? Is it being legalistic to preach of God's wrath and

judgment for sinners? It seems that most of the modern gospel preaches grace without telling the unsaved why they

need grace -- prescribing the cure without diagnosing the disease.

A. Many will read this just before the annual New Year's Rose Parade here in Southern California. I have attended

about 40 or so of these parades -- virtually every year since 1956 -- apart from seven years I lived in England.

Over the past 30 years, when my wife and I were unable to attend, we have watched the annual Rose Parade on television.

It is a beautiful parade, because as its name suggests, roses and freshly cut flowers and flora of all kinds are

used in creative ways to produce beauty. God willing, we will be in attendance as the new year of 2007 begins.

As this spectacular parade ends, with spectators, having been inspired and uplifted, preparing to leave, there is

always -- every year -- as long as I can remember -- a human tide of "evangelists" trying to follow the last entry,

walking down the street in the wake of the parade. These self-described "evangelists" carry signs, portable sound

systems, and exhort their captive audience that they are sinners, that Jesus is coming soon, that God is not

happy with sinners, that people must repent and change before it's too late. This spectacle is in sharp contrast

with what goes before it, and it is always an occasion when I am saddened by the misguided attempts of those who

believe that they are doing God's will. Television viewers do not see this end of parade spectacle. Networks don't

carry it, and thank God that they don't -- for we Christians would have yet another angry stereotype to overcome

when we try to share the love of God an the gospel of truth with others.

The idea that those who are lost must first be convicted of their need is a fairly common and "stock"

Christian teaching, a teaching which I believe has biblical support. Why would someone want to be

rescued unless they are convinced that their condition is hopeless? So I believe your rhetorical questions are

essentially true. However, where this idea often goes off the track (as with the street evangelists who follow in the

wake of the Rose Parade) is the manner in which some zealous individuals believe that sinners must be convicted.

Know the truth and be free.

At times I do wonder about some of those who seem to take such pleasure informing sinners of their inadequacy, and I

wonder if some of these folks who have volunteered to convict sinners are truly saved themselves, or are they simply

getting some kind of pleasure out of trying to make "sinners" squirm? I look for God's truth in love at such times, but I have

to tell you that I don't always find it in evidence.

I believe, therefore, that some take this biblical foundation (that conviction of sin is normally necessary before

someone will see the need of being rescued and saved) and use it for a justification to proclaim a God of religion

rather than the God of the Bible. This idea does lead to legalism, and not to grace -- how? The basic assumption

is that God must be appeased. The assumption continues -- He is angry and a God of wrath. Truth is, wrath is used a great deal in

certain theological constructs and methodologies -- and the word "justice" is used a great deal in that environment.

Thus we have God the Son going to a cross for God the Father (who is upset), and the Son, in layman's terms, appeasing

the angry, distant, remote Father. This idea, again in layman's practice (I know that there are theological caveats

that attempt to answer my generalizations here) leads to the idea of the God of the Old Testament who is a God of

war, of sacrifice, of pain and heartache, an uncaring God, a God who is far away, a no-nonsense, keep the law or

you are toast kind of God -- vs. -- the God of the New Testament, a God who is gentle, caring, forgiving, loving,

warm, touchable, close.

This idea actually wars against, again in the layman's mind, the most fundamental of all Christian teaching and

doctrine -- the Trinity. For how can, in the layman's mind, these two Gods be reconciled? They are not one, but

they are two -- for many laymen. So in such an environment we have the cross as a place of appeasement, where the

Son does what the Father needs so that the Father will like us again.

But the cross is not a place of appeasement, it is a place of attraction. It is a place of love, it is a place of grace.

The cross is the ultimate expression of God's love, not his wrath. So the idea becomes twisted -- while it is true

that sinners must know they are lost before they see the need of wanting to be found, those who focus on the law

determine that sinners must be presented with the consequences of their actions before they will accept grace -- and that

this activity of confronting sinners with their sin is a primary activity of the church.

So the church becomes an angry place, a place of condemnation, a place of judgment, a place of adjudication, a place

where decisions are made about behavior and lifestyle, so that sinners can repent.

God is lost in this equation, for the idea is that God has left this work of the conviction of sinners up to us.

Christendom can then become a version of the Puritans on a witch hunt. Christians can get caught up in

apprehending sinners and bringing them to justice. Christians become cops, and CSI technicians -- the whole effort

of evangelism, in some circles, is couched in forensic terms.

Christians go to great lengths to establish what constitutes sin, what causes sin, discovering where

sin flourishes -- categorizing and cataloging sin. This all, of course, leads to legalism, judgment and condemnation --

for it places Christians, or at least those who think they are, on the other side of grace and mercy. The law thrives in this

environment and grace is neglected.

The bandwagon of law enforcement is a place where those who wish to root out and expose sin (a vital activity they believe)

which should be welcoming places of God's love become unforgiving places which resemble station houses filled

with policemen, interrogation rooms, cells and technicians making the case against sin.

But God has not enlisted those who are saved to go out and condemn the world (John 3:17).

He asks us to help him proclaim the "good news" -- not because he needs us, for God doesn't need anyone or anything,

but because it is good for us to share the good news. He wants us to be part of the "family business." But in many

cases, through fear, through dangling people's feet over the hot coals of hell, some Christians do as much to damage

the cause as they do to help. Of course there are consequences for living a life of sin -- but you know, those

consequences often have a way of doing their own work to convince a sinner that there must be a better way.

Standing on a street corner and yelling at people generally doesn't do anything but convince them to go the opposite

direction. Convicting a sinner of sin is God's work - and while he often uses sinful humans to help him -- it is work

which is best done by those who are God's workmen remembering who they are, and that there but for the grace of God

go they. Humility and grace is in great demand in such work -- unfortunately many who seem to enjoy this work ride high horses

of pomposity, with noses firmly fixed high the air.

I contend that the God of the Old Testament and the God of the New Testament are one and the same, and so does

historic Christianity. I contend that the grace of God and the gospel of the cross are one and the same, exactly the

same message. I don't believe it is being legalistic to speak of God's judgment for sinners -- but when God's wrath and

justice begin to be part of the discussion, it is my experience that the role of individual Christians can become

twisted and corrupted.

Many begin to see their relationship with God in a law based model -- rather than a grace-based model. Law then sits

on the throne, and grace serves law -- but as I read my Bible and as I understand the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ the opposite is true.

The Plain Truth, (Jesus, will set you free indeed!

In Christ, Greg Albrecht Join our Pastorial Leadership Team in Des Moines Iowa Christian Life Fellowship For the on-going equipping ministries in the truth in the market workplace see:

The VenturesGlobalMarketing Network On-Line Library

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In case you might think I'm blowing smoke or the scriptures don't tell the truth, read what Mr. Thomas' article has to say about the market workplace and you decide if you recognize anybody....

I'M FINALLY A MINORITY.....article by Cal Thomas

At last, I am part of a minority group.....

New census figures analyzed by the New York Times reveal that married couples are a minority in America. As a once and long-married white male, I never expected to be a minority. There are no protest songs for people in my group. "We shall overcome" is taken and "married man's rights" lacks the resonance of "out and proud". Part of the devolution of marriage to minority status is the fault of the media. Look at who they feature on magazine covers, tabloid TV and award shows: the cohabiting without benefit of clergy, same-sex "couples," fornicating couples who flaunt their "lifestyles" and dare anyone to tell them to stop. The STD's that come from these "lifestyles" are not the fault of those who engage in the sort of behavior that puts them at risk. Rather, Republicans are to blame for spending too little on "cures" so the promiscuous can continue practicing their "lifestyles" without fear of disease. TV commercials for drugs that treat genital herpes now run close to erectile dysfunction ads without irony. This decline into minority status for people like me is also partly the fault of people like me. My generation has been obsessed with making money and acquiring things in place of investing necessary time on marriage and children. The message the kids get is that if marriage is mostly about accumulating wealth and acquiring stuff, they can do that without getting married. Family trees are beginning to resemble kudzu and if people are having fewer children (The United States birth rate is at an all-time low, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and we are barely having enough children to replace those who die), this has profound implications for domestic and international policies. For example, Hispanic and Muslim couples have more children than others in America. And one-third of all new births in the United States are to unmarried women.

Another reason marriage is now a minority practice is the loss of social stigma. When I was growing up, "society" approved of certain behavior in hopes of encouraging more of it and disapproved of other behavior, expecting to get less of it. While some of that disapproval discriminated against racial minorities and women, social stigma generally was a good thing. It kept peope like me from engaging in behavior that would not have been beneficial. I not only cared what my parents thought of me, I also cared about my reputation. Do many people care about such things today? Not when celebrities, politicians, lobbyists and boorish sports figures with bad reputations earn more money than those with good reputations. When was the last time you saw or read a story about happily married couples in the mainstream media?

The clergy have not always been helpful to marriage. Many--not all, but many-- regularly ignore biblical instructions about marriage, divorce and remarriage because their congregations are populated with members who have divorced and they reason that their money in the collection plate spends just as well as that of married couples. Some people prefer to hear about the sins of others--or no sins at all--than about their own. The "fear of God" long ago was replaced in too many churches with the portrayal of God as a warm and fuzzy uncle who understands why you do the things you do and doesn't care all that much as long as you are happy and "fulfilled."

The Times article gives us two other reasons why marriage is suffering.

Andrew A. Beveridge, a demographer at Queens College of the City University of New York, says of the decline in marriage among those 25 to 34: "It's partially fueled by women in the work force; they don't necessarily have to marry to be economically secure You used to get married to have sex. Now one of the major reasons to get married is to have children and the attractiveness of having children has declined for many people because of the cost."

Life is all about me, the defining characteristic of this generation.

We've come a long way from "Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage" to Kanye West's "Gold Digger." Look up the lyrics. Most family newspapers wouldn't print them.

As a new minority group member; I think I'll start preparing my demands. The trouble is, to whom do I submit them?

(end of article?)

Christian, Is God calling you to TRUTH in the workplace?

Do you ever feel so skilled in what you do that you require little help from others? Perhaps you may feel that you are more skilled than any other in your field. The truth is, God does not need your skill and abilities in order to accomplish His purposes on this earth, so the answer is NO.

Seek the truth and be set free.

One thing God does not need is our skills and abilities. However, He does give us the privilege to exercise our gifts and abilities for His Service. That service may be as a computer technician, a secretary, an iron worker, or even a lawyer. God calls each of us to our vocations to work unto Him.

To believe that He needs our skills to accomplish His Mission on earth would be to lower our understanding of an all-encompassing and all-powerful God. The psalmist tells us that His pleasure is not in our strength and ability, but His pleasure is in the attitude of a heart of truth.

It is what we find in the heart that helps determine whether ability is translated into availability. You see God is looking to and fro throughout the earth for a man or woman who is fully committed to Him. A man or woman who is committed to fearing the Lord and placing his hope in His unfailing love is the person God seeks to support.

"For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him" (2 Chron. 16:9a). When our agenda becomes His agenda, we can expect God to fully support all that we do.

Partner today and let the truth reign in all you business ventures and God will bless you richly.

[article by Os Hillman)



Effective immediately, please be aware that there are changes you need to make in your life. The changes need

to be completed in order that I may fulfill my promise to you--to grant you peace, joy, happiness in this life.

I apologize for any inconvenience, but the truth is after all that I am doing this seems very little to ask,

I know, I already gave you the Holy Spirit which will guide you

into all Truth, but follow these guide lines also"

1. Quit Worrying

The truth is that Life has dealt you a blow and all you do is sit and worry. Have you forgotten the

Truth that I am here to take all your burdens and carry them for you? Or do you

just enjoy fretting over every little thing that comes your way.

Know the truth and be free.

2. Put It On The List

Something needs to be done or taken care of, put it on the list. No, not your list. Put it on ...

My To Do List. Let Me be the one to take care of the

problem. I can't help until you turn it over to Me. And although

My To Do List is long, I am after all, GOD.

Truth is I can take care of anything you put into My Hands. In fact, if

The Truth were ever really known, I take care of a lot of things for you that you

never even realize.

Truth will set you free.

3. Trust ME for the truth

Once you have given your burdens to ME, quit trying to take them back!

Trust in ME. Have the faith that I will take care of all your needs, your problems

and your trials. Problems with the kids? Put them on MY List. Problems with

finances? Put them on MY List. Problems with your emotional roller coaster?

For MY sake, put it on MY List. The truth is that I want to help you--all you have

to do is ASK!

Seek the truth and be free.

4. Leave It Alone

Don't wake up one morning and say, well, I'm feeling much stronger now, I think I can handle it from here.

"Why do you think you are feeling stronger now?" It's simple Truth, you gave

ME your burden and I'm taking care of them. I also renew your strength and cover you in

MY Peace. Don't you know that if I give you these problems back you will be right

back where you started? The truth? Leave them with ME and forget about them.

Just let ME do MY Job.

The truth will set you free.

5. Talk to ME

I want you to forget a lot of things. Forget what was making you crazy. Forget the worry and the fretting

because you know I'm in control. The truth will set you free. But there is one thing I pray that you

will never forget. Please don't forget to talk to ME often! I love you. I want to

hear your voice. I want to hear you talk about your friends and family. Prayer is simply you having

a conversation with ME. I want to be your dearest friend.

The truth will set you free.

6. Have Faith

I see a lot of things from up here that you can not see from where you are. Have faith in ME

that I now what I am doing. Trust ME. You wouldn't want the view from

MY Eyes. I will continue to care for you, watch over you, and meet your needs.

The truth is that you only need to trust ME. Although I have a much bigger

task than you, it seems as if you have so much trouble just doing your simple part. How hard can trust be?

The truth will set you free.

7. Share

You were taught to share when you were only two years old. When did you forget? That rule still applies.

Share with those who need encouragement. Share your laughter with those who haven't heard any in such a long time.

Share your tears with those who have forgotten how to cry. Share your faith and truth with those who have none.

The truth will set you free.

8. Be Patient

I managed to fix it so in just one life time you could have so many diverse experiences. You grow from a child

to an adult, have children, change jobs many times, learn from many trades, travel to so many places, meet

thousands of people and experience so much. How can you be so impatient then when it takes

ME a little longer than you expect to handle something on

MY To Do List?. Trust in MY timing, for

MY timing is perfect. Just because I created the entire universe in only six days, everyone thinks I

should always rush, rush, rush.

The truth will set you free.

9. Be Kind

Be kind to others, for the truth is that I love them just as much as I love you. They may not dress like you,

or talk like you, or live the same way you do, but still love you all. Please try to get along,

for MY sake. I created each of you different in some way. It would be boring if

you were all identical. Please know I love each of your differences.

Seek the truth and be free.

10. Love Yourself

As much as I love you, how can you not love yourself? Truth: You were created by ME

for one reason: to be loved and to love in return. I am a GOD of LOVE.

Love ME, love your neighbors. But also

love yourself. It makes My Heart ache when I see you so angry

with yourself when things go wrong. You are precious to ME. Don't ever forget that! With all

My Heart, I love you



What Others Say About The Truth

"I have to give you accolades on your recent Plain Truth issues. Your magazine has never been better. I read them from cover to cover and enjoy the helpful and encouraging articles." —New York

I can’t tell you how much your ministry means to me. I attend CWR, read your books, Plain Truth magazine and monthly letters, and I am pleased to financially contribute to PTM. I am 84 years old, and I still live in my home alone. I have taught an adult Sunday school class for 52 years. I receive so much helpful insight and enlightenment from your ministry helping me to be a more effective teacher of the gospel. I will continue to serve the Lord to the best of my ability as long as I can." —North Carolina

Each issue of the PT is welcome in my home. If there was an issue every month, that would be a double blessing. I start off reading Steve Brown. He jump starts me because he tickles my funny bones. They’re somewhere near my heart. Then I read Susan Reedy and Greg Albrecht, learning as I go on to the main features. I’m grateful to be part of your ministry. God bless PTM!" —Nevada

"Thank you for your May/June 2007 article on Mormons and also your July/August 2007 article, Trapped in the Watchtower. I was raised in a family of Catholics and now I am not a part of any set religion. I study straight from the Bible and try to live my life according to it. I really look forward to reading your great articles, and I enjoy the straight forwardness you have in all your articles. The "no holds barred" attitude of your ministry shows not only the truth, but also shows your confidence in the truth. A lot of us need that, and I thank God for PTM." —Mississippi

"Thank you again for the A+ material in the PT. I always look forward to it--more so than ever before." —email

"Thanks for your articles in The Plain Truth. I can see that more and more people are being freed from the horrors of legalism and religion. Keep on doing what you're doing." —Missouri

"I love your magazine and your whole approach of 'Christianity Without the Religion.' I praise God every day for the freedom from legalism that I have found." —Colorado

"Thank you for your clear teaching. God bless you—you came at the right time when I need spiritual help and God's word to feed my weakened and wounded soul. I am healing slowly." —Illinois

"I can't believe I found you. This is only the second time I really read your magazine. Your message is what I have argued with others for most of my life. This is the message that needs to be heard--God's grace is sufficient!" —email

"I appreciate so much your confrontation against legalism in the PT. My prayers are for you and your staff. Keep up the good fight!" —email

"My wife and I want to you to know that PTM is an ongoing blessing to us. The spiritual food we receive from The Plain Truth is greatly valued. We thank you for your efforts and labors on behalf of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is our intention to continue supporting PTM financially and prayerfully. We think it is an honor to be able to help in such a wonderful ministry." —Mississippi

"I always look forward to hearing your rarely told message of freedom from 'religion." —Texas


In The News... See what Scriptures say about our Market Place, and then ask Greg

May 30, 2008

Carbon Chastity: The First Commandment of the Green Church.

Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post

I'm not a global warming believer.

I'm not a global warming denier.

I'm a global warming agnostic who believes instinctively that it can't be very good to pump lots of CO2into the atmosphere but is equally convinced that those who presume to know exactly where that leads are talking through their hats.

Cold Feet: U. S. Presidential Candidates May Miss Major Climate Vote

Juliet Eilperin, Washington Post

While the three remaining presidential candidates have touted climate change as a central theme in their campaigns, all of them may miss next week's critical vote when the Senate considers a landmark bill imposing mandatory limits on greenhouse gases.

Czech President: Green Is Now Red.

David R. Sands, The Washington Times

Environmentalism, says Czech President Vaclav Klaus, is the new communism, a system of elite command-and-control that kills prosperity and should similarly be condemned to the ash heap of history.

May 29, 2008

Markey Releases New Global Warming Bill Bryan Bender, Boston Globe

Representative Edward J. Markey, the chairman of the special House committee on global warming, today unveiled sweeping legislation to cut greenhouse gas emissions and raise billions of dollars to create alternative sources of energy Sacrifices to the Climate Gods.

Roy Spencer, NRO

It is well-established that the ancient Mayan, Aztec, Incan, and Toltec peoples offered human sacrifices, probably in the belief that such rituals would placate the gods who were in charge of nature; for instance, to help bring life-giving rains to their crops..

May 28, 2008

German Gov’t in Climate U-Turn, Green Taxes Doomed Reuters

Members of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's coalition remain "miles apart" on a plan to link car taxes to emissions and are unlikely to introduce the change in 2009 as planned, Transport Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee said.

Drill Already!

Czech President Ready to Debate Gore on Climate Change

The Earth Times

Czech President Vaclav Klaus said Tuesday he is ready to debate Al Gore about global warming, as he presented the English version of his latest book that argues environmentalism poses a threat to basic human freedoms. "I many times tried to talk to have a public exchange of views with him, and he's not too much willing to make such a conversation," Klaus said. "So I'm ready to do it."

May 27, 2008

Ruling Party in UK Faces Revolt over “Green” Taxes Nicholas Watt, The Guardian

Gordon Brown is facing a fresh tax rebellion as Labour MPs demand the repeal of a £200 increase in vehicle excise duty on environmentally unfriendly cars purchased in the past seven years. Climate Reality Bites

The Wall Street Journal

The global warming debate arrives in the Senate next week, and it's about time. Finally, the Members will have to vote on something real, as opposed to their buck-passing to courts and regulators, and their easy trashing of President Bush. On Global Warming, It’s McCain vs. the GOP

Martin Kady, Politico

John McCain’s tempestuous relationship with his own party will be on full display when the Senate dives into a major global warming debate next week

May 26, 2008

Billions Wasted on UK Climate Program John Vidal, Guardian

Billions of pounds are being wasted in paying industries in developing countries to reduce climate change emissions, according to two analysis of the UN's carbon offsetting program.

No Progress at G8 Climate Talks

Top UN Climate Diplomat: G8 Will Reject Emissions Targets Linda Sieg & Chisa Fujioka, Reuters

The Group of Eight rich nations will likely agree to an "aspirational" target for cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 but shun mid-term goals at a July summit, the top U.N. climate official said on Sunday.

May 25, 2008 German Climate Law in Doubt Spiegel Online

Part two of Chancellor Merkel's ambitious package of measures aimed at reducing German greenhouse gas emissions may be in trouble. Originally set for passage on Tuesday, many of the law proposals are under attack.

May 24, 2008 Fill Her Up with Hot Air

Dr. Don J. Easterbrook, Professor Emeritus Geology, Western Washington University has released an excellent manuscript that views climate change through the prism of geologic history. Dr. Easterbrook has spent a lifetime studying glaciers and geology, he presents a very good case for current global warming being not only natural but right on schedule. You can view a summary of his manuscript and for links to the full version. Its an excellent read with many graphs and glacier photos.

Yet another example of just how far off the mark the main stream media is on global warming. How many times have you heard on the news lately that global warming is now melting Antarctica?

Just a few months ago climate scientists were predicting record warming for 2008. But now NASA and several university studies show that the earth is cooling and that we have at least 20 years, and perhaps as much as 30 years, of colder than normal temperatures ahead of us. So where were the computer models on that one? The "Earth has a fever" crowd is surely gearing up to blame man-made global warming for cooling as well. Remember, God gave these people up to the reprobate mind because they refuse to acknowledge the truth or His creation.

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