Commander Call Messages For God And Country

As it is written by Christ our Commander, the Decree of the Watchers, the sentence of the Holy Ones,...that the living shall know...that



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UPDATE July 27, 2015



Proclamation for America

Father, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,

Your Word declares that if we, Your people, who are called by Your name, will humble ourselves and pray and seek Your face and turn from our wicked ways, then will You hear from heaven and You will forgive our sin and will heal our land. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

We bow before Your sacred throne and humbly ask Your forgiveness for the sin of idolatry! Your word demands; “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me”, yet we have, under the banner of pluralism and hedonism, embraced and worshipped the gods of this world. Take us back to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! (Exodus 20:3)

Through moral and spiritual compromise and complacency, we have allowed our nation to conform to the ways of the world by turning away from our spiritual roots found in Your Word. (Romans 12:2)

Our silence has produced a secular nation and all nations that forget You, shall be forsaken. We ask that You hear our cry, for we need You, in these desperate times, to lead us out of our politically correct fog of constant confusion and take us back to Your moral clarity. (Psalm 9:17)

O Lord our God, King of the Universe, we confess that America cannot survive without Your presence. Your statutes founded this blessed land and we look to You, Father God, to preserve it, for “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” (Psalm 33:12)

As commanded in scripture, we pray for all who are in authority who govern our nation; may their decisions be led by the perfect compass of your Holy Word which clearly discerns right from wrong. (I Timothy 2:1-3)

O Lord our God, You have promised to raise up righteous leaders into high places and to remove those who have displayed unrighteous authority. We earnestly pray that You will once again exalt the righteous and expose the deeds of the ungodly. (Proverbs 14:33-35)

America must have spiritual renewal for moral survival! In this season of prayer, we unite in humble heartfelt hope and ask that You forgive us and deliver us from the folly of our transgressions. Guide and sustain our nation as we turn from our sin and return to You, the God of our fathers. (Psalm 51:1-17)

The time has come to declare our trust in You to heal our land. (2 Samuel 22:2-4; Psalm 5:11-12; Psalm 57:1-3)

We pledge to exercise our God given rights of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” in voting for future leaders from the county courthouse to the White House who obey and honor Your Word. (Deuteronomy 28:1-14; Psalm 119:44-48; Psalm5:11)

We pledge to vote the Bible in selecting those that will govern our country. (Deuteronomy 16:18-20)

Blessed are you, O Lord our God, for You are good and Your mercy endures forever. We petition heaven with our united prayers as we seek Your blessing, Your peace and Your protection for America. (I Chronicles 16:34; Numbers 6:22-26; Romans 15:13; Psalm 5:11)

May the Lord our God, be with us, as He was with our forefathers; may He not leave us or forsake us; so that He may incline our hearts to Himself, to walk in all His ways... that all peoples of the earth may know that the Lord is God and that there is no other. (1 Kings 8:57-60) Amen


Commander: American Vision Report

Whoever would have believed?

Whoever would have believed that an American President would distance himself from America’s Christian heritage and speak of the “Holy Quran” in a nation that will not allow the gospel to be preached or Christian conversions to take place?

Whoever would have believed that an American President would speak about “common ground” with a religio-political system that wants to rule the world and eliminate all religious and secular competition?

Who would have believed that the government of the United States, at the direction of the President and his cabinet, would own private businesses such as:

The Banking System

The Real Estate System

The Auto Industry

The Unions

The Press

The Media

Now its Obama-care, another government run dibocle forcing small business to participate or suffer a 8 percent tax penalty? A system that forces the private sector to use Dr. Obama's abortion doctors and euthuanisia clinics? Seems to me that this compares to Nazi Germany durng world war 2.

Dose this man know anything about history at all?

His Marxist Socialist anti-Christian world views are unsettling.

History proves these systems or ideaologies do not work.

His thugocracy won't work either, we fought that Chicago battle during the Capone days. we won't fight that again either.

We've fought the Indians, the Spainish, the British, the South, and now its the Demon-crats with their inane reprobate hypocrital slanderous blasphemous attitudes and platitudes with no clear direction for anybody except tax and spend everyones life into hell.

Well, Demon-crats, I've got good news for you: Christians do not participate in your degeneration policies or your recession or your reprobate policies. You Demon-crats already have the mark of the Beast on your feeble minds, and your hands are bloody with the murder of 50 million unborn babies.

Our kingdom is not of this earth or your abominble life styles. As you know or are about to find out, that the likes of you will not enter into the Kingdom of God.

And you don't need to believe me, believe The Temple of the Seven Angels, Revelation 16:5-6 prophesied in Isiah 49:26

And with almost no opposition voiced by the media and Congress?

Who would have believed that members of the media would refer to a president as “some sort of god”?

Friends, it’s no longer 1984, it’s 2010, and this is

YOUR America! What are YOU going to do about it?

If you think week-kneed politicians are going to represent your interests, think again. Most of them are in the business of protecting their jobs long enough to retire with a sweet pension that you and I can only dream about and a hoped-for cushy ambassadorship in the next administration. Sure, there are some good ones, but their voices are drowned out by the accommadationists. In fact, the real statesmen are a threat to the political status quo on both sides of the aisle. Never forget this.

If we are going to get our nation back, we the people are going to have to do it.

Bad ideas got us into this mess and good ideas will get us out. Unfortunately, most Americans don’t have any idea what these good ideas are. They’ve been brainwashed by government schools, led astray by a hostile media that does not have America’s best interests in view, and corrupted by an entertainment industry that distorts history and defines deviancy down almost any chance it gets.

But all is not lost, and it’s not too late. It doesn’t take a majority to turn a nation around, but it does take an informed and dedicated minority. In fact, God has put a great opportunity before us. In times of disillusionment people are ready for a shift in worldview thinking. Of course, it can go all bad as did during the French and Communist Revolutions and the rise of Nazism. Americans have chosen the better path in the past.

We’ll celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence in a few weeks. Who would have given those 52 signers a chance against what seemed to be impossible odds? I’m not sure that even they believed it could have been done. Great Britain certainly didn’t give them much notice until it was too late. From that humble document, the greatest nation the world has ever known was brought into its fullness and the rest of the world noticed and beat a path to her shores.

We MUST revive and embrace the principles of our earliest founders and go forward in a new spirit of liberty, independence, and optimism. We won’t do it by politics alone. It’s imperative that we understand what makes a nation great and the dangers inherent in unbridled political power.

There are no religiously neutral nations. Even atheists believe in god; it’s called the State. America was founded on biblical principles. Liberals will deny it, but the facts are there.

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UPDATE October, 2010

An Urgent Message from The National Republican Trust PAC

Dear Fellow American:

Never before in the history of our nation have we faced such a grave crisis: one of the most radical political figures ever to be nominated by a major party is now the President of the United States. (with reservations)

That man is Barack Obama.

He promises to change America forever. He said he will do just that — but in ways you may not like. Remember Obama was the most liberal member of the United States Senate.

He received a 100 percent Liberal Rating from the National Journal, making him the most left-wing Senator in Washington — more liberal than even Democratic senators like Ted Kennedy.

at Obama’s record, you will understand just how dangerous this man is. He even has terrorist friends he won’t denounce. One such man is William Ayers, a leader in the radical terrorist group the Weatherman Underground. The group bombed several government buildings, including the Pentagon, killing civilians and police officers.

In 2001, Ayers said he had no regrets for his actions and wished he could have done more. The ties between Obama and Ayers are tight. Both served on two non profit boards and they worked closely together. Ayers even hosted a political event at his home for Obama.

Obama has acknowledged he is a friend of Ayers and defends his association by saying he, Obama, was only 8 years old at the time of the Pentagon bombing. However, Obama has no explanation as to why he is still a friend of Ayers. Obama has even been endorsed by radicals such as Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan.

No one can deny hearing about Obama’s relationship with the America-hating Rev. Jeremiah Wright. There should be little doubt that William Ayers and Louis Farrakhan and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright are rooting for Obama — because he is one of them. In keeping with such friends, Obama has promised to meet with radical leaders like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad without “preconditions” even though Ahmadinejad has promised to “wipe Israel off the map” and “destroy” America.

Even radical Hamas terrorists have praised him. “We like Mr. Obama and we hope he will win the election,” Ahmed Yousef, senior Hamas leader was quoted by ABC radio as saying.

Help the National Republican Trust PAC tell the truth about Obama –

Go Here Now: (Copy and paste into your browser)

Dangerous Economic Plan and Health Plans

And then there are Obama’s dangerous economic plans for America.

He wants to almost double the capital gains tax.

He wants to strip the FICA tax cap off every worker making more than $97,500.

He wants to increase the dividend tax.

He wants to let the Bush tax cuts expire — giving almost every American family an automatic tax increase.

He has called for more than $800 billion in new spending programs.

He is so radical he even backed driver’s licenses for illegal aliens — even though such a move would help future terrorists move freely in the United States.

He is the most pro-abortion candidate in the history of the country. In 2001, as a state legislator in Illinois, he opposed a bill to protect live born children — children actually born alive! He was the only Illinois senator to speak out against the bill.

He opposes gun rights. He has long history of trying to deny ordinary citizens access to guns.

He originally backed Washington D.C.’s total ban on private handguns — a ban that was overturned. The NRA rated him an “F” on gun positions and says he is one of the most dangerous anti-gun politicians in the nation.

Never forget that Obama is a Harvard educated elitist. To him we Americans are simply “bitter” and he has mocked us saying “[they] cling to their guns and their religion.”

Support the National Republican Trust PAC’s Campaign to Expose Obama – Go Here Now

Exposing the Truth

Hillary Clinton was late in recognizing the threat Obama posed to her campaign, but once she did, her strategy worked. When Hillary exposed Obama publicly, her campaign saw a major turnaround.

Hillary won every major state primary in the nation with the sole exception of Obama’s home state of Illinois.

And even though Obama was “anointed” by the media and Democratic elites, Hillary went on to win eight of the last 10 Democratic primaries. How did Obama beat Hillary for the nomination? Well, using a loophole in Democratic rules, he was able to rack up large majorities in caucus states where he outspent and out organized her. But in large, contested states she won almost every time. Why? Because when Democrats heard what Obama really stood for, they turned on him.

Make no mistake about it!:

Let Americans know the truth about Obama. We must expose Obama for the dangerous radical he is.

You Can Make a Difference: Go HERE NOW!

This is why the National Republican Trust Political Action Committee is moving to implement a “shock and awe” strategy against Obama in key states. We plan to take out powerful television ads, Internet ads and other communications to inform Americans about the dangers posed by Barack Obama.

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What We Learned From The Surge From The Commanders

Last winter, Congress approved $70 billion in additional funding for our forces to continue fighting the war on terrorism. The money came, as usual, only after much political wrangling and bitter debate. Congress did the right thing and provided the resources. Besides the importance of keeping our service personnel safe in the war theater, there was another good reason: it is difficult to say no to success. And 2007 was, overall, a success for our commander and troops in Iraq.

One year ago, U.S. Central Command characterized the situation in Iraq as "near chaos." The Army Times decried Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's strategy as a failure. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi vowed to "change the course" in Iraq by ending the war. Withdrawing our commanders and troops was a common refrain. Then came The Surge.

In early January 2007, the American Enterprise Institute called for a "large surge in troops" for Iraq, as well as funding for reconstruction, job creation and political reform. Soon afterward, President Bush, our Commander, announced his "surge strategy," which The American Legion publicly endorsed, and more than 20,000 U.S. troops got deployment orders.

Disapproval rippled across Washington and Beyond. Many gave the strategy a forecast for failure. Thankfully, the forecast was wrong.

Two military command operations-Law & Order and Phantom Thunder-brought greater security and more peaceful conditions to Baghdad and Anbar Province than had been seen since the beginning of the war. The Surge gave us the manpower to clear out insurgents, control neighborhoods and stick around to make sure the bad guys didn't return. By the end of 2007, the Iraqi people were once again walking their streets, going to markets, seeking employment, and providing more of their own security. When people feel safe in their own neighborhoods, good things happen. Stores open. Marketplaces buzz. Jobs are filed. Young men and women become less interested in dying for al-Qaeda and more interested in giving coalition troops information to help root out enemy forces.

The Surge has led to thousands of small victories across Iraq. They all add up to a big one: violence has dropped by some 60 percent since last June. In August, the militant cleric Moqtada al-Sadr and his Mahdi Army declared a ceasefire. Large numbers of Sunni insurgents began to support the coalition. And the flow of al-Qaeda operatives crossing into Iraq began to slow. By the end of November, the administration announced that 5,000 troops would soon be coming home.

It has Worked And because of that, Congress was left with no other reasonable choice but to fund our presence there for the next round, a round that features gradual withdrawal at a pace set by military commanders and leaders on the ground rather than politicians. To leave Iraq too soon is to doom 27 million people and undermine the sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform. Our military leaders and commanders in the field and the troops in Iraq know that the long-term solution is security. Following that, economic and political stability. These are the building blocks of democracy that seemed so distant a year ago an so possible today, thanks to a bold, confident and originally unpopular strategy in this war's history: a surge of strength in the midst of uncertainty. Therein lies a lesson that should guide the remainder of the war.

Marty Conatser

National Commander

American Legion

(Thanks also to our Commander in Chief, President Bush, and our Ultimate Commander Jesus Christ)


The Table Set For One

The defense ministry official and Commander, Maj. Gen. Pham Thanh Lan, came through the door to greet me in person--a rare overture for him, I was later told. He led me out of the tropical heat, and we sat down in an ancient drawing room, surrounded by his staff.

We were not far from Hoa Lo Prison, the brutal "Hanoi Hilton" where U.S. POWs were held captive during the Vietnam War, Here, of course, they call it the American War, and the Hanoi Hilton is regarded as a historical site, complete with full-color brochures that subjectively document the structure's dark place in the history of a city where mopeds and water buffalo still share the streets, where communism and capitalism appear visibly at odds even today.

It was a cordial meeting, one that needed to occur face to face. Years had passed since and American Legion national commander had met directly with a Vietnamese official on the delicate and vital subject of finding and returning our fallen comrades. Year after year, The American Legion submits letters and delivers testimony to support DoD's repatriation efforts overseas. However, as a former National Guard recruiter, auto salesman and Legion membership officer--nothing is as effective as personal contact, in my opinion. The general, director of external relations for the Vietnam Ministry of Defense Command, seemed to agree as we carefully broke the ice.

My words were clear. I reiterated The American Legion's commitment to full accounting and repatriation of all POWs and MIAs. I asked for his help to grant access to land where they could be collected. He understood how important this is to all American veterans.


Commander: Response to Call to Arms

We set up a small table, set for one, symbolizing the frailty of one prisoner, alone against his or her suppressors. The tablecloth is white, symbolic of the purity of their intentions to respond to their country's call to arms. A single red rose in a vase signifies the blood they may have shed in sacrifice to ensure the freedom of our beloved United States of America. This rose also reminds us of the family and friends of our missing comrades who keep the faith, while awaiting their return.


It is a value that runs deep in the veins of our organization. In resolutions, speeches, hearings, budget recommendations, and in Legion posts across the country--where tables are set for one--we stand firm.

As we talked the image of the black-and-white POW/MIA flag that flies at American Legion Posts and public buildings across the country entered my mind. The flag is a powerful reminder that the remains of some 78, 000 Americans are unaccounted for from World War II, 8,100 from the Korean War, 1,800 from the Vietnam War, 120 from the Cold War and one from the Gulf War. In their honor, we set the table for one and acknowledge its meaning.


A yellow ribbon on the vase represents the yellow ribbons worn on the lapels of the thousands who demand, with unyielding determination, a proper accounting of our comrades who are not among us tonight. A slice of lemon on the plate reminds us of their bitter fate.


I explained to the commanding general that, although decades have passed since the last American GI disappeared in the Vietnam War, we will not let time diminish our resolve. They are remembered until they are home, and not merely by words on paper or spoken at a banquet.

The DoD's Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) does not let Hanoi forget. For more than 30 years, U.S. military personnel and local workers have followed every lead, good and bad, trying to obtain often-difficult access to information and property assembling teams to search for remains, finding them, and sending them on to Hawaii and Maryland for identification. It is a complicated, technical and ofter dangerous mission that produces the remains of about six MIAs a month. Officials believe 1,300 sets of American remains can still be recovered in Vietnam: We want them back.

JPAC is uniquely organized, skilled and diplomatic in its commitment to our mission. The command has three detachments in southeastern Asia, another on Oahu, and another at the world's largest and most advanced forensic anthropology institution--the Central Identification Laboratory (CIL) in Hawaii, where state-of-the-art DNA science is used to determine identities. JPAC carries out major recovery missions associated not only with the Vietnam War, but with the Korean War and other conflicts around the world throughout the year. Remains arrive at the CIL draped in the U.S. Flag, each set given a ceremony conducted by a joint-service honor guard, along with veterans and others.


The salt sprinkled on the plate reminds us of the countless fallen tears of families as they wait. A glass is inverted. They cannot toast with us this night.


To accurately determine identities, CIL scientists compare mitochondrial DNA samples from teeth and hair to samples from maternal-side family members. The Armed Forces DNA Laboratory in Rockville, Md., conducts the analyses. When used with other evidence, DNA studies provide vital identification evidence. JPAC is always seeking DNA samples from maternal family members of missing personnel. Privacy is assured to those who can help. Contact information for potential donors, divided by branch of service, can be found online.

As I discussed with the general our need for improved access to sites inside Vietnam, the general countered that some 30,000 soldiers who fought on his side of the war are likewise missing and unaccounted for, and that they too, are looking both for information and for closure.

On that level, we understood each other. It was the kind of understanding you only get through personal contact.

Some veterans are uncomfortable about any kind of colaboration with Vietnam. I understand that. But if this one, small face-to-face meeting revives Vietnam's awareness of our commitment to those yet to come home from the war, I think it's worth it. If it opens just one fresh acre for investigation that will relieve a family in America it's worth it. More-over, it's what we have to do if we are serious about the real meaning of the table we set for one.


Washington's Forgotten Memorial

The Doric-style marble temple is surrounded by dense groves of hardwood trees that were planted into West Potomac Park's marshy soil nearly 80 years ago. Curious visitors only occasionally drift off the main pathway that leads from the Lincoln Memorial to the U.S. Capitol--the two-mile stretch of Washington known as the National Mall--and make their way to the unhearlded District of Columbia War Memorial. They try to locate it, among America's most beloved memorials and monuments, on their National Park Service maps.

Strolling from the World War II Memorial Plaza toward the great Lincoln statue; they can find the bone-white monument tucked behind a set of restrooms, beyond a canopy of low branches. Dead grass rises through the gaps of its walkway stones, and the marble is cracked and veined with age and water damage.

The D.C. memorial seems out of context with the rest of the mall. Although on federal property, it is specifically dedicated to 499 local Washingtonians who lost their lives fighting in what then was known as the Great War. Other sites along the mall, such as the Korean War Memorial, the Vietnam Wall and the new World War II Memorial plaza, are more national in scope.

The deteriorating D.C. memorial is the mall's only nod to World War I. The last living U.S. veteran of that war; 107-year old Legionnaire Frank Buckles, recently visited it, and took note of its condition. He and a friend, Michigan photographer David DeJonge (, are pushing for the memorial's restoration and an expansion that may include statues of American dough boys positioned in the surrounding woods, as if on patrol.

The D.C. memorial was more than a local attraction in its day. Completed in the depths of the Depression, after Congress authorized construction in 1924 and $200,000 in local funds were raised, it would become the first such monument to include the names of blacks and women among those of white male troops.

The memorial was designed and built to comfortably seat the Marine Band on Armistice Day 1931, when it was dedicated by President Herbert Hoover. Thousands attended. Among the speakers was Gen. John "Blackjack" Pershing. John Philip Sousa, at age 77, wore his Navy uniform as he led the arine Band in "The Stars and Stripes Forever" during the cereomony, which was broadcast nationally on the radio.

The memorial was used for concerts and ceromonies for years after its dedication. In more recent times, it has fallen into such disrepair that the D.C. Preservation League has listed it among the "Most Endangered Places" in the district. The American Legion passed a national resolution last summer calling upon the National Park Service to elevate the memorial on its priority list, to repair and maintain it.

To allow its further decay is ho way to bid farewell to this generation of veterans, now reduced to one, that founded The American Legion on the values of Never Forgetting The Cost of Freedom. They are the values we honor on Memorial Day, and they are etched into the marble of a Doric-style temple in West Potomac Park.

Memoranda--an index of war memorials

The American Legion, the Alliance Defense Fund and the Liberty Legal institute have teamed up to build a database of war and veterans memorials across the nation. In many places, military and veterans memorials have come under attack by groups such as the American Civil Liberties union that seek to remove our religious references from public monuments and memorials, many of which are dedicated to military service and sacrifice. American Legion posts are asked to submit information and photos about war and veterans memorials in their communities. (800) TELL-ADF

American-made Flags: for memorial Day are available from American Legion Emblem Sales. (888) 453-4466

Child Welfare Foundation: The Child Welfare Foundation, administered by The American Legion, distributes more than $500.000 in grants a year. The CWF recently launched a new Web site to assist donors and grant seekers alike.

Marty Conatser

National Commander

American Legion


Commander: Where did we come from?--The Mayflower Compact

The Mayflower Compact, where we came from

Plymouth (Massachusetts)

Plymouth is a town in southeastern Massachusetts, on Plymouth Bay, about 55 km (34 mi) southeast of Boston. The seat of Plymouth County, it was the site of the first permanent European settlement in New England; it is now a fishing and tourist center with ship-related industries and cranberry-packing houses.

Plymouth Rock, a tourist attraction, is on the shore under a granite canopy; recreations of Plymoth Plantation and the Mayflower are also there. The pilgrims founded Plymouth on Dec. 21, 1620, establishing a settlement that became the seat of Plymouth Colony in 1633 and a part of Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1691.


The Pilgrims were English Separatists who founded (1620) Plymouth Colony in New England. In the first years of the 17th century, small numbers of English Puritans broke away from the Church of England because they felt that it had not completed the work of the Reformation. They committed themselves to a life based on the Bible.

Most of these Separatists were farmers, poorly educated and without social or political standing. One of the Separatist congregations was led by William Brewster and the Rev. Richard Clifton in the village of Scroby in Nottinghamshire. The Scroby group emigrated to Amsterdam in 1608 to escape harassment and religious persecution. The next year they moved to Leiden, where, enjoying full religious freedom, they remained for almost 12 years. In 1617, discouraged by economic difficulties, the pervasive Dutch influence on their children, and their inability to secure civil autonomy, the congregation voted to emigrate to America.

Through the Brewster family's friendship with Sir Edwin Sandys, treasurer of the London Company, the congregation secured two patents authorizing them to settle in the northern part of the company's jurisdiction. Unable to finance the costs of the emigration with their own meager resources, they negotiated a financial agreement with Thomas Weston, a prominent London iron merchant. Fewer than half of the group's members elected to leave Leiden. A small ship, the Speedwell, carried them to Southampton, England, where they were to join another group of Separatists and pick up a second ship. After some delays and disputes, the voyagers regrouped at Plymouth aboard the 180-ton Mayflower. It began its historic voyage on Sept. 16, 1620, with about 102 passengers--fewer than half of them from Leiden. After a 65-day journey, the Pilgrims sighted Cape Cod on November 19. Unable to reach the land they had contracted for, they anchored (November 21) at the site of Province town. Because they had no legal right to settle in the region, they drew up the Mayflower Compact, creating their own government. The settlers soon discovered Plymouth Harbor, on the western side of Cape Cod Bay and made their historic landing on December 21; the main body of settlers followed on December 26. The term Pilgrim was first used by William Bradford to describe the Leiden Separatists who were leaving Holland. The Mayflower's passengers were first described as the Pilgrim Fathers in 1799.

Alden, John

John Alden, b. 1599?, d. Sept. 12, 1687, was one of the Pilgrim Fathers who came to America in the Mayflower, signed the Mayflower Compact, and founded Plymouth Colony in 1620. Thereafter he held various public offices, including that of deputy governor of Massachusetts (1664-65, 1667). The unfounded details of his wooing of fellow Pilgrim Priscilla Mullens (or Molines)--whom he did marry--were the subject of the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem "The Courtship of Miles Standish."

Bradford, William

William Bradford was one of the leaders of the pilgrims who established Plymouth Colony. He was its governor for more than 30 years. His History of Plymouth Plantation, 1620-1647, first printed in full in 1856, is a minor classic, reflecting the unusual qualities of the man and the values of the small group of English separatists who became known as Pilgrims.

Bradford was born in March 1590 in Austerfield, Yorkshire, the son of a yeoman farmer. He was self-taught. As a young man, he joined Puritan groups that met illegally in nearby Scrooby and was a member of that congregation when it separated from the Church of England in 1606. Bradford was among the 125 Scrooby separatists who sought (1608) religious sanctuary in Holland.

When the congregation decided (1617) to seek refuge in America, Bradford took major responsibility for arranging the details of the emigration. The term Pilgrim is derived from his description of himself and his coreligionists as they left Holland (July 22, 1620) for Southampton, where they joined another group of English separatists on the Mayflower. Bradford was one of about a dozen original Scroby church members who sailed for America on the Mayflower.

When John Carver, Plymouth Colony's first governor, died suddenly in April 1621, Bradford was unanimously elected to replace him. He was reelected 30 times. In 1640, Bradford and the group of original settlers known as the "old comers" turned over to the colony the proprietary rights to its lands, which had been granted (1630) to him by the Warwick Patent and then shared by him with the old comers. During the period of his governorship, and especially during the first few years, Bradford provided the strong, steady leadership that kept the tiny community alive. He strove to sustain the religious ideals of the founders and to keep the colony's settlements compact and separate from the larger neighboring colonies. Bradford died on May 9 or 19, 1657.

Brewster, William

William Brewster, b. 1567, d. Apr. 10, 1644, was a leader of the PILGRIMS, who established Plymouth Colony. In England he studied briefly at Cambridge, the only Pilgrim Father to have some university training. A member of the local gentry in Scroby, Yorkshire, he helped organize a separatist religious congregation in 1606 and financed its move to Holland in 1608.

His influence was instrumental in winning the approval of the Virginia Company for the proposal to resettle the congregation in America, and he was one of the few original Scroby separatists who sailed on the Mayflower in 1620. As the church's ruling elder in Leyden and then in Plymouth, Brewster shared with William Bradford and Edward Winslow in the leadership of the Pilgrim enterprise.

Carver, John

John Carver, b. c. 1576, d. Apr. 5, 1621, one of the Pilgrim Fathers, was the first governor of Plymouth Colony. A wealthy merchant, he helped arrange the Pilgrims' emigration to America in 1620, chartering the Mayflower. He was governor for less than a year before his death.

Standish, Myles

Myles Standish, b. c.1584, d. Oct. 3, 1656, an English-born professional soldier, was hired by the Pilgrims as military adviser for their Plymouth colony in America; eventually he became a full member as well as a valued leader of the community. Arriving on the Mayflower with the first settlers, he initially concentrated on colonial defense and Indian relations.

Later, Standish represented (1625-26) Plymouth in England; he also served for many years as one of the governor's assistants and as the colony's treasurer (1644-49). Standish was one of the founders (1632) of the town of Duxbury, Mass. Although one of the most influential figures in colonial New England, he is best remembered through US poet Henry Longfellow's 'The Courtship of Miles Standish' 1863.

The Winslows

Five Winslow Brothers came from England to Plymouth Colony between 1620 and 1633. Edward, the oldest of the five, had left England for Holland in order to freely practice his religion. He was one of the 102 Pilgrims who came to America on the Mayflower in 1620. He was soon joined by his brothers: John (1621), Kenelm (1633) and Josiah (1631). Gilbert, who had arrived with Edward on the Mayflower, returned to England.

In the 1630s, the brothers and their wives settled in Marshfield and started families. All of the Brothers were active in their communities. Edward was one of Plymouth Colony's most trusted representatives. He was sent to negotiate with the local Native People, the Wamponag. He also sailed to England several times times on colony business, bringing back the first cattle in 1624.

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Hey People, Does Your State Government Operate Like This?

Love Your Neighbor?

What is our FOUNDATION here in the USA?.....Judaeo-Christian!

Do these people support the WILL of the people, or their own pockets?

Are they honoring God and our Bill of Rights, or are they using our resources for their own political gain?

The Mission and the Church Mandate: Come Out Of The World. Separate yourselves and do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers, (which seems to be the Demon-crat party)

People, why do you continue to elect non-believers to public office?

First of all, they do not honor God by stomping on our neighbors..........through unnecessary taxation.

(How many non-believers tithe 10% to their local Church? How many even give at all?)

So a bunch of hypocrites get together and decide that the people need to be taxed, again?

Because you can not handle your own finances, let alone the States, or for that matter,

a country, especially the United States. God already explains how to handle finances, you

might do well to heed His words since He rules and reigns in the kingdom of men wouldnt

you say, or, in other words, maybe you might just as well step down from the office that

God's people put you in. When are you going to Honor God and the Constitution of this Country, Democrat?...

instead of your abominable Socialist Liberal Abortionist views on life. Untill you people get

back to putting God First, then Country, then Family, according to the timeless principles of God's will, righteousness,

Conservatism, NOT Legalism or Liberalism, or socialism.

2nd of all, they will not enter into God's Kingdom

Thirdly, well, read on: You decide. Is God calling you to make a decision?

What will you support this election year, any year, abortion, sodamy, higer taxes again, or LIFE.

Jesus said "I AM the Way, The Truth, and The....what?.....LIFE!

$32 million tax increase

Newspapers across the state blared the above headline Thursday morning, as taxes

will again be raised in Iowa. That’s right – over $400 million in total tax increases, and


The latest measure would eliminate the local option sales tax for schools, and replace it

with a statewide penny sales tax that, for now, is devoted to schools. Two aspects of this

bill are troubling. As we have seen time and time and time again, all too often when

the governor and Legislature get their hands on funding, it gets “scooped” for other

pet projects, especially in times of economic slowdown.

Second, this tax increase now raises the state’s use tax as well. The use tax is applied

when businesses purchase goods from out of the state to use here in Iowa. Businesses often do

not pay the sales tax in that state, and instead pay the Iowa use tax, which was exempt

from local option sales taxes.

That is, until this bill went on its way.

Republicans offered two amendments that would have protected your tax dollars........

The first amendment would have provided constitutional protection to prevent the

sales tax revenue from being scooped, or shifted, for other uses. It also provided that

this bill would only take effect upon the ratification of an amendment to the Iowa Constitution

to protect all revenues received from the state sales and use tax. The second amendment would

have helped to offset any future property tax increases by stating that if the state’s

estimate of general fund revenues exceeds original estimates, the excess revenue would go to

the Property Tax Equity and Relief Fund.

Remember – the sole intent of the original local option sales tax was for local residents

to approve it themselves, and to only last 10 years. Now, however, this is a permanent tax

on the people of Iowa and a $32 million tax increase on Iowa businesses.

Employ illegal workers?

You’re now entitled to free money. Democrats on Monday voted against taking up an amendment

that would have protected Iowa workers by removing taxpayer incentives

to employ illegal aliens.

The amendment, H-8383 to SF-2325, states that employers who do not participate in

the United States Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify Program are not eligible

for taxpayer-funded state developmental assistance.

Developmental assistance is any form of public assistance, including tax expenditures,

made for the purpose of stimulating economic development.

The Democrats decided to cast a blind eye toward our illegal immigration problem.

Those employers who follow the law should be rewarded accordingly, but to Democrats,

it just doesn’t matter.

E-Verify is a free and simple-to-use Web-based system that electronically verifies

the employment eligibility of newly-hired employees. The program is a partnership between the

Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration. U.S. Citizenship

and Immigration Services oversees the program.

E-Verify works by allowing participating employers to electronically compare employee

information taken from the Form I-9 (the paper based employee eligibility verification form

used for all new hires) against more than 425 million records in the Social Security

Administration’s (SSA) database and more than 60 million records in DHS immigration databases.

Results are returned within seconds.

The primary goals of the program are to protect jobs, not lose jobs, for

authorized U.S. workers and to ensure a legal workforce in the United States. This is a

simple tool that would allow Iowa employers to follow the law.

Taxpayer assistance should not be granted to employees who violate our laws by employing

those who are here illegally.

Democrats say “free money!” regardless of who is working at an organization, and that’s

just wrong. More than 19,000 employers are enrolled in E-Verify nationally and have successfully

matched 92 percent of new hires to DHS and SSA database information. Of the remaining

8 percent that were not matched, less than one percent of those employees contested the result. Now these same state officials have given themselves a pay hike after raising our taxes AGAIN! WAKE UP IOWANS! TIME TO VOTE THESE TAX AND SPEND DEMON-CRATS OUT OF OFFICE!

Lets read what our Christian President, who is ruled by The Ultimate Commander has to say:

New World Order Or The Reprobate Mindset? The War On America And New World Order From the National Archives September 11, 1990

Mr. President and Mr. Speaker and Members of the United States Congress, distinguished guests, fellow Americans, thank you very much for that warm welcome. We gather tonight, witness to events in the Persian Gulf as significant as they are tragic. In the early morning hours of August 2d, following negotiations and promises by Iraq's dictator Saddam Hussein not to use force, a powerful Iraqi army invaded its trusting and much weaker neighbor, Kuwait. Within 3 days, 120,000 Iraqi troops with 850 tanks had poured into Kuwait and moved south to threaten Saudi Arabia. It was then that I decided to act to check that aggression.

At this moment, our brave servicemen and women stand watch in that distant desert and on distant seas, side by side with the forces of more than 20 other nations. They are some of the finest men and women of the United States of America. And they're doing one terrific job. These valiant Americans were ready at a moment's notice to leave their spouses and their children, to serve on the front line halfway around the world. They remind us who keeps America strong: they do. In the trying circumstances of the Gulf, the morale of our service men and women is excellent. In the face of danger, they're brave, they're well-trained, and dedicated.

A soldier, Private First Class Wade Merritt of Knoxville, Tennessee, now stationed in Saudi Arabia, wrote his parents of his worries, his love of family, and his hope for peace. But Wade also wrote, ``I am proud of my country and its firm stance against inhumane aggression. I am proud of my army and its men. I am proud to serve my country.'' Well, let me just say, Wade, America is proud of you and is grateful to every soldier, sailor, marine, and airman serving the cause of peace in the Persian Gulf. I also want to thank the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Powell; the Chiefs here tonight; our commander in the Persian Gulf, General Schwartzkopf; and the men and women of the Department of Defense. What a magnificent job you all are doing. And thank you very, very much from a grateful people. I wish I could say that their work is done. But we all know it's not.

So, if there ever was a time to put country before self and patriotism before party, the time is now. And let me thank all Americans, especially those here in this Chamber tonight, for your support for our armed forces and for their mission. That support will be even more important in the days to come. So, tonight I want to talk to you about what's at stake -- what we must do together to defend civilized values around the world and maintain our economic strength at home.

Our objectives in the Persian Gulf are clear, our goals defined and familiar: Iraq must withdraw from Kuwait completely, immediately, and without condition. Kuwait's legitimate government must be restored. The security and stability of the Persian Gulf must be assured. And American citizens abroad must be protected. These goals are not ours alone. They've been endorsed by the United Nations Security Council five times in as many weeks. Most countries share our concern for principle. And many have a stake in the stability of the Persian Gulf. This is not, as Saddam Hussein would have it, the United States against Iraq. It is Iraq against the world.

As you know, I've just returned from a very productive meeting with Soviet President Gorbachev. And I am pleased that we are working together to build a new relationship. In Helsinki, our joint statement affirmed to the world our shared resolve to counter Iraq's threat to peace. Let me quote: ``We are united in the belief that Iraq's aggression must not be tolerated. No peaceful international order is possible if larger states can devour their smaller neighbors.'' Clearly, no longer can a dictator count on East-West confrontation to stymie concerted United Nations action against aggression. A new partnership of nations has begun.

We stand today at a unique and extraordinary moment. The crisis in the Persian Gulf, as grave as it is, also offers a rare opportunity to move toward an historic period of cooperation. Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective -- a new world order -- can emerge: a new era -- freer from the threat of terror, stronger in the pursuit of justice, and more secure in the quest for peace. An era in which the nations of the world, East and West, North and South, can prosper and live in harmony. A hundred generations have searched for this elusive path to peace, while a thousand wars raged across the span of human endeavor. Today that new world is struggling to be born, a world quite different from the one we've known. A world where the rule of law supplants the rule of the jungle. A world in which nations recognize the shared responsibility for freedom and justice. A world where the strong respect the rights of the weak. This is the vision that I shared with President Gorbachev in Helsinki. He and other leaders from Europe, the Gulf, and around the world understand that how we manage this crisis today could shape the future for generations to come.

The test we face is great, and so are the stakes. This is the first assault on the new world that we seek, the first test of our mettle. Had we not responded to this first provocation with clarity of purpose, if we do not continue to demonstrate our determination, it would be a signal to actual and potential despots around the world. America and the world must defend common vital interests -- and we will. America and the world must support the rule of law -- and we will. America and the world must stand up to aggression -- and we will. And one thing more: In the pursuit of these goals America will not be intimidated.

Vital issues of principle are at stake. Saddam Hussein is literally trying to wipe a country off the face of the Earth. We do not exaggerate. Nor do we exaggerate when we say Saddam Hussein will fail. Vital economic interests are at risk as well. Iraq itself controls some 10 percent of the world's proven oil reserves. Iraq plus Kuwait controls twice that. An Iraq permitted to swallow Kuwait would have the economic and military power, as well as the arrogance, to intimidate and coerce its neighbors -- neighbors who control the lion's share of the world's remaining oil reserves. We cannot permit a resource so vital to be dominated by one so ruthless. And we won't. Recent events have surely proven that there is no substitute for American leadership. In the face of tyranny, let no one doubt American credibility and reliability. Let no one doubt our staying power. We will stand by our friends. One way or another, the leader of Iraq must learn this fundamental truth. From the outset, acting hand in hand with others, we've sought to fashion the broadest possible international response to Iraq's aggression. The level of world cooperation and condemnation of Iraq is unprecedented. Armed forces from countries spanning four continents are there at the request of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia to deter and, if need be, to defend against attack. Muslims and non-Muslims, Arabs and non-Arabs, soldiers from many nations stand shoulder to shoulder, resolute against Saddam Hussein's ambitions.

We can now point to five United Nations Security Council resolutions that condemn Iraq's aggression. They call for Iraq's immediate and unconditional withdrawal, the restoration of Kuwait's legitimate government, and categorically reject Iraq's cynical and self-serving attempt to annex Kuwait. Finally, the United Nations has demanded the release of all foreign nationals held hostage against their will and in contravention of international law. It is a mockery of human decency to call these people ``guests.'' They are hostages, and the whole world knows it.

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, a dependable ally, said it all: ``We do not bargain over hostages. We will not stoop to the level of using human beings as bargaining chips ever.'' Of course, of course, our hearts go out to the hostages and to their families. But our policy cannot change, and it will not change. America and the world will not be blackmailed by this ruthless policy.

We're now in sight of a United Nations that performs as envisioned by its founders. We owe much to the outstanding leadership of Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar. The United Nations is backing up its words with action. The Security Council has imposed mandatory economic sanctions on Iraq, designed to force Iraq to relinquish the spoils of its illegal conquest. The Security Council has also taken the decisive step of authorizing the use of all means necessary to ensure compliance with these sanctions. Together with our friends and allies, ships of the United States Navy are today patrolling Mideast waters. They've already intercepted more than 700 ships to enforce the sanctions. Three regional leaders I spoke with just yesterday told me that these sanctions are working. Iraq is feeling the heat. We continue to hope that Iraq's leaders will recalculate just what their aggression has cost them. They are cut off from world trade, unable to sell their oil. And only a tiny fraction of goods gets through.

The communique with President Gorbachev made mention of what happens when the embargo is so effective that children of Iraq literally need milk or the sick truly need medicine. Then, under strict international supervision that guarantees the proper destination, then food will be permitted.

At home, the material cost of our leadership can be steep. That's why Secretary of State Baker and Treasury Secretary Brady have met with many world leaders to underscore that the burden of this collective effort must be shared. We are prepared to do our share and more to help carry that load; we insist that others do their share as well.

The response of most of our friends and allies has been good. To help defray costs, the leaders of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the UAE -- the United Arab Emirates -- have pledged to provide our deployed troops with all the food and fuel they need. Generous assistance will also be provided to stalwart front-line nations, such as Turkey and Egypt. I am also heartened to report that this international response extends to the neediest victims of this conflict -- those refugees. For our part, we've contributed $28 million for relief efforts. This is but a portion of what is needed. I commend, in particular, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and several European nations who have joined us in this purely humanitarian effort.

There's an energy-related cost to be borne as well. Oil-producing nations are already replacing lost Iraqi and Kuwaiti output. More than half of what was lost has been made up. And we're getting superb cooperation. If producers, including the United States, continue steps to expand oil and gas production, we can stabilize prices and guarantee against hardship. Additionally, we and several of our allies always have the option to extract oil from our strategic petroleum reserves if conditions warrant. As I've pointed out before, conservation efforts are essential to keep our energy needs as low as possible. And we must then take advantage of our energy sources across the board: coal, natural gas, hydro, and nuclear. Our failure to do these things has made us more dependent on foreign oil than ever before. Finally, let no one even contemplate profiteering from this crisis. We will not have it. I cannot predict just how long it will take to convince Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait. Sanctions will take time to have their full intended effect. We will continue to review all options with our allies, but let it be clear: we will not let this aggression stand.

Our interest, our involvement in the Gulf is not transitory. It predated Saddam Hussein's aggression and will survive it. Long after all our troops come home -- and we all hope it's soon, very soon -- there will be a lasting role for the United States in assisting the nations of the Persian Gulf. Our role then: to deter future aggression. Our role is to help our friends in their own self-defense. And something else: to curb the proliferation of chemical, biological, ballistic missile and, above all, nuclear technologies.

Let me also make clear that the United States has no quarrel with the Iraqi people. Our quarrel is with Iraq's dictator and with his aggression. Iraq will not be permitted to annex Kuwait. That's not a threat, that's not a boast, that's just the way it's going to be.

Our ability to function effectively as a great power abroad depends on how we conduct ourselves at home. Our economy, our Armed Forces, our energy dependence, and our cohesion all determine whether we can help our friends and stand up to our foes. For America to lead, America must remain strong and vital. Our world leadership and domestic strength are mutual and reinforcing; a woven piece, strongly bound as Old Glory. To revitalize our leadership, our leadership capacity, we must address our budget deficit -- not after election day, or next year, but now.

Higher oil prices slow our growth, and higher defense costs would only make our fiscal deficit problem worse. That deficit was already greater than it should have been -- a projected $232 billion for the coming year. It must -- it will --be reduced.

To my friends in Congress, together we must act this very month -- before the next fiscal year begins on October 1st -- to get America's economic house in order. The Gulf situation helps us realize we are more economically vulnerable than we ever should be. Americans must never again enter any crisis, economic or military, with an excessive dependence on foreign oil and an excessive burden of Federal debt.

Most Americans are sick and tired of endless battles in the Congress and between the branches over budget matters. It is high time we pulled together and get the job done right. It's up to us to straighten this out. This job has four basic parts. First, the Congress should, this month, within a budget agreement, enact growth-oriented tax measures -- to help avoid recession in the short term and to increase savings, investment, productivity, and competitiveness for the longer term. These measures include extending incentives for research and experimentation; expanding the use of IRA's for new homeowners; establishing tax-deferred family savings accounts; creating incentives for the creation of enterprise zones and initiatives to encourage more domestic drilling; and, yes, reducing the tax rate on capital gains.

And second, the Congress should, this month, enact a prudent multi-year defense program, one that reflects not only the improvement in East-West relations but our broader responsibilities to deal with the continuing risks of outlaw action and regional conflict. Even with our obligations in the Gulf, a sound defense budget can have some reduction in real terms; and we're prepared to accept that. But to go beyond such levels, where cutting defense would threaten our vital margin of safety, is something I will never accept. The world is still dangerous. And surely, that is now clear. Stability's not secure. American interests are far reaching. Interdependence has increased. The consequences of regional instability can be global. This is no time to risk America's capacity to protect her vital interests.

And third, the Congress should, this month, enact measures to increase domestic energy production and energy conservation in order to reduce dependence on foreign oil. These measures should include my proposals to increase incentives for domestic oil and gas exploration, fuel-switching, and to accelerate the development of the Alaskan energy resources without damage to wildlife. As you know, when the oil embargo was imposed in the early 1970's, the United States imported almost 6 million barrels of oil a day. This year, before the Iraqi invasion, U.S. imports had risen to nearly 8 million barrels per day. And we'd moved in the wrong direction. And now we must act to correct that trend.

And fourth, the Congress should, this month, enact a 5-year program to reduce the projected debt and deficits by $500 billion -- that's by half a trillion dollars. And if, with the Congress, we can develop a satisfactory program by the end of the month, we can avoid the ax of sequester -- deep across-the-board cuts that would threaten our military capacity and risk substantial domestic disruption. I want to be able to tell the American people that we have truly solved the deficit problem. And for me to do that, a budget agreement must meet these tests: It must include the measures I've recommended to increase economic growth and reduce dependence on foreign oil. It must be fair. All should contribute, but the burden should not be excessive for any one group of programs or people. It must address the growth of government's hidden liabilities. It must reform the budget process and, further, it must be real. I urge Congress to provide a comprehensive 5-year deficit reduction program to me as a complete legislative package, with measures to assure that it can be fully enforced. America is tired of phony deficit reduction or promise-now, save-later plans. It is time for a program that is credible and real. And finally, to the extent that the deficit reduction program includes new revenue measures, it must avoid any measure that would threaten economic growth or turn us back toward the days of punishing income tax rates. That is one path we should not head down again.

I have been pleased with recent progress, although it has not always seemed so smooth. But now it's time to produce. I hope we can work out a responsible plan. But with or without agreement from the budget summit, I ask both Houses of the Congress to allow a straight up-or-down vote on a complete $500-billion deficit reduction package not later than September 28. If the Congress cannot get me a budget, then Americans will have to face a tough, mandated sequester. I'm hopeful, in fact, I'm confident that the Congress will do what it should. And I can assure you that we in the executive branch will do our part. In the final analysis, our ability to meet our responsibilities abroad depends upon political will and consensus at home. This is never easy in democracies, for we govern only with the consent of the governed. And although free people in a free society are bound to have their differences, Americans traditionally come together in times of adversity and challenge. Once again, Americans have stepped forward to share a tearful goodbye with their families before leaving for a strange and distant shore. At this very moment, they serve together with Arabs, Europeans, Asians, and Africans in defense of principle and the dream of a new world order. That's why they sweat and toil in the sand and the heat and the sun. If they can come together under such adversity, if old adversaries like the Soviet Union and the United States can work in common cause, then surely we who are so fortunate to be in this great Chamber -- Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives -- can come together to fulfill our responsibilities here. Thank you. Good night. And God bless the United States of America.

National Archives Note: The President spoke at 9:09 p.m. in the House Chamber at the Capitol. He was introduced by Thomas S. Foley, Speaker of the House of Representatives. The address was broadcast live on nationwide television and radio.




1. Confirming as many conservative judges as possible, especially U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals judges The Democrat-controlled 110th Congress is way behind the average confirmation rate of U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals' nominees for a Congress controlled by the President's opposition party.

President George W. Bush ignored the threats of New York Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer -- who said that no conservative judges would be confirmed by the United States Senate controlled by the Democrats, 51-49, which began last January -- and sent conservative nominees for the federal courts to the Senate.

Thus far, the Democrat Senate, playing politics, has confirmed only 6 nominees to the U.S. Circuit Court, with the 6th judge confirmed in late December. Normally, the Senate confirms 17 circuit court judges nominated by a president of the opposition party.

The Democrat Congress is woefully short in doing their job of confirming President Bush's nominees. Christian Coalition of America will fight to confirm conservative judges during the second session of the 110th Congress sent to the Senate by President Bush and to hold the Senate accountable to the American people.

2. Passing "Net Neutrality" to ensure fairness for all on the Internet

Michele Combs of the Christian Coalition has testified at several hearings on the issue of Net Neutrality: House Judiciary Committee FCC Hearing- Stanford University Senate Commerce Committee A "Net Neutrality" provision to ensure fairness for all people on the Internet, including for grassroots groups such as Christian Coalition of America, was not passed in the 109th Congress.

There is a better possibility that "Net Neutrality" on the Internet will pass in the 110th Congress. "Net Neutrality" is an issue extremely important to America's grassroots organizations and to those Americans who want to ensure the cable and phone companies controlling access to the Internet will not discriminate against groups like Christian Coalition of America.

It is anticipated that the Democrat-controlled Congress will agree with the position of the previous Republican House Judiciary Committee Chairman, James Sensenbrenner, and pass a "Net Neutrality" bill during the 110th Congress. If "Net Neutrality" legislation does not pass, consumers will have to pay an additional fee to have a website.

The cable/telephone monopoly will be dividing the Internet into a "fast track" and "slow track." Our grassroots, who cannot afford the additional fees, will have to be on the slow track, which will mean that many of our websites will be passed by because the general public will not have the patience to go on the "slow track".

In addition, if a member of the Board of Directors with an Internet Service Provider (cable/telephone monopoly) does not like Christian Coalition of America or the ACLU's emails, they can and will block our emails from going out over their server. The Senate telecom bill -- as it was written in the last Congress -- will harm Christian Coalition of America and other grassroots groups from getting our message out.

We cannot let the cable/telephone monopoly control the Internet and content.

3. Protecting television religious programming

The issue of protecting television religious programming includes the important issue of "Multicast/Equal Access" (formerly called "Multicast/Must-carry.") Passing such legislation will go a long way to preventing discrimination against religious broadcasters.

Without a "Multicast/Equal Access" law, the cable and satellite companies would probably not add new Christian channels and the influence of current Christian channels will be diluted.

4. Keeping votes for human embryonic stem cell destruction research bill to a minimum/increasing funding for successful adult stem cell research Since last January when the Democrats took over Congress there have been numerous votes on human embryo stem cell destruction and President George W. Bush has prevented all of these bills from becoming law.

In addition since last January, there have been astounding advances in adult stem cell research and stem cell research which should prevent any further human embryo destructive research, or at least wasteful public funding for such abominable research.

There still is a majority of Members in the Democrat-controlled 110th Congress, in both the House and the Senate, for passage of a human embryonic stem cell destruction research bill.

Christian Coalition will fight to keep the votes for future human embryo destruction bills down to as low as possible and to increase funding for adult stem cell research which has had successes with over 70 diseases, while human embryonic stem cell destruction research has had zero successes.

President Bush vetoed at least 2 human embryo destruction bills this past year.

5. Ensuring all of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts enacted into law and due to expire in just 2 years (2010) are protected including child tax credits, income tax cuts, small business tax cuts, death tax cuts, etc.

Christian Coalition of America helped President George W. Bush pass his legislation that would lower federal taxes for virtually every family in America by a total of $1.3 trillion, a bill which passed by a large bipartisan margin in the 107th Congress. In the 108th Congress, Christian Coalition helped pass a bill in the U.S. House of Representatives which would make these tax cuts permanent.

The Christian Coalition fought in the 108th, 109th Congress and in the first session of this 110th Congress to at least extend these tax cuts until Congress voted finally to make these necessary tax cuts permanent.

This is a top goal of Christian Coalition of America in the 110th Congress. Partly because the Democrat Congress has refused to make these tax cuts for all American families and small businesses permanent, the economy is beginning to show signs of weakness.

Indeed, new tax cuts -- in addition to these tax cuts which have not as yet been made permanent -- will have to be enacted by the 110th Congress and Christian Coalition of America will work hard to achieve this.

6. Attempting to get a vote on a Federal Marriage Amendment

The Marriage Protection Amendment, the constitutional amendment banning homosexual "marriages" received 236 votes in the House of Representatives in the 109th Congress, an increase of several votes in the United States House of Representatives from the previous vote in the 108th Congress.

Unfortunately, only 49 Senators, all Republicans except one, voted for the constitutional marriage amendment in the Senate in 2006. However, Christian Coalition state chapters are doing a tremendous job in passing state constitutional amendments banning homosexual "marriage."

Thus far, 27 states (where are the rest of the 23 States on this issue? Are they waiting to be judged?) have voted for, by an average vote of 70%, state constitutional amendments including 7 more states in 2006.

It is expected that when Arizona voters -- the only state ever which defeated such an amendment (a too complex and flawed amendment) -- have an opportunity to vote on a simple amendment banning homosexual "marriage,"

it will pass overwhelmingly like the amendments passed in the 27 states which have already passed such amendments. Florida voters will undoubtedly ban homosexual "marriages" when they vote this November 4th on Florida's state constitutional amendment.

It is just a matter of time before the citizens of Massachusetts vote overwhelmingly to rebuke 4 radical Massachusetts judges and their liberal counterparts in the Massachusetts legislature and to ban the abominable practice of homosexual "marriages" in the state of Massachusetts, the only state where judicial dictators have forced such "marriages" on its citizens.

It is expected that more states, besides Florida, will have constitutional amendments on their state ballots during the 2008 presidential election cycle and all of these are expected to pass overwhelmingly in addition to bringing out new pro-family voters in the presidential election.

Christian Coalition of America will continue to grow votes in both the House and the Senate for a federal constitutional amendment banning homosexual "marriage."

7. Supporting legislation stopping religious discrimination against evangelical Christians in the military Even though a federal court during October 2006 dismissed gadfly Mikey Weinstein's infamous lawsuit which accused the United States military of promoting Christianity, he filed yet a new lawsuit less than two months later, wasting American taxpayer dollars yet again.

He is trying to force the Pentagon into wasting more time to check into his allegations. Undoubtedly, another federal court judge will strike down his latest exercise in futility and harassment of Christians in the United States military. Christian Coalition of America will fight to ensure that evangelical Christian military chaplains and other personnel are not discriminated against as they have been during the past number of decades.

In the closing weeks of the 109th Congress, Republican congressional leaders got involved in this culture war and forced the Navy and the Air Force to repeal regulations the two services had adopted earlier this year which forbade military chaplains from praying in the name of Jesus during military functions other than worship services.

The provision agreed to on September 25, 2006 by the House and Senate conferees debating the final Defense Authorization bill rolls back the current Air Force and Navy regulations which had overturned 200+ years of tradition allowing military chaplains to pray in the name of Jesus and according to their faith requirements.

The Air Force had adopted restrictive guidelines on February 9, 2006 and the Navy had adopted similar restrictive guidelines on February 21, 2006. The Air Force and Navy had surrendered to atheist activists and left-wing Members of Congress in adopting these ill-advised regulations.

According to the September 25, 2006 agreement signed by the House and Senate conferees, the Secretary of the Air Force must reinstate the policy that was set forth in Air Force Directive 52-1 dated 1 July 1999 and the Secretary of the Navy must reinstate the policy set forth in Secretary of Navy Instruction 1730.7B dated October 12, 2000.

Wise up people, God is not mocked. God still rules in the kingdom of men. 50 million abortions, sodomy, homosexuals, same sex marriage, huricanes, tornadoes, flooding, earthquakes, crime, bashing parents, Christians, bazar murders, and just about every good thing that good people are doing? Have you noticed any change in our life conditions? God is lifting His protection from America. Or are you still living the lie and hoax of global warming? So drill already, what are you do- nothing-congressmen doing anyway?

Dear Readership,

Today, the liberal assault on your First Amendment rights has been vigorously resurrected ...

... and we now face the very real prospect of Christian and conservative broadcasters being tragically silenced.

We do not take this assault lightly - and we will meet it head-on with the force of our own convictions.

You can help, too. Your signature on our online PETITION OF PROTEST against the Fairness Doctrine and in support of the Broadcaster Freedom Act represents our single best opportunity to succeed.

Here's why: The Broadcaster Freedom Act must pass Congress in order to protect the free speech of Christian and conservative broadcasters.

But there are those in Congress who wish to silence the conservative point of view. Led by Speaker Pelosi, they have stalled the bill in committee - hoping to reinstate the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" unchallenged.

The Fairness Doctrine seems aptly named. It sounds appealing. But it's nothing more than a political trap ...

... Unabashedly aimed at establishing left-wing liberalism as the law of the land.

Broadcasters would be virtually forced to drop all controversial or religious programming rather than deal with trying to strike an "even balance" at their own expense.

As of right now, Congressmen Mike Pence and Greg Walden have collected 195 of the 218 signatures required for a "discharge petition" - to end the stonewalling and force this bill to the floor of the House for a vote.

Exercise your rights as a concerned citizen! Join the ACLJ and Congressmen Pence and Walton in calling on Congress to vote, YEA OR NAY, on this bill by adding your name to our nationwide PETITION OF PROTEST campaign.


We need all 218 signatures on the discharge petition by July 4th for there to be action on the Broadcaster Freedom Act during the 110th Congress. After that, the election campaign season will be in full swing, and a significant bill of this nature is not likely to be passed.

So I urge you to sign the online PETITION OF PROTEST to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and your U.S. Representative right now and stand with the ACLJ in support of free speech for Christian and conservative broadcasters.

Thank you in advance for participating personally in this effort, and in all the ongoing work of the ACLJ for the causes of life and liberty.

Jesus Christ Being The Chief Cornerstone

Washington Weekly Review Friday, July 25, 2008 Roberta Combs, President

Congressman Walter Jones Introduces Legislation Which Will Ensure that ALL Military Chaplains Have Religious Freedom such as Christian Chaplains Being Able to Close Their Prayers "In the Name of Jesus Christ"/Congressman Ron Paul is the First Original Co-Sponsor

Last week, Congressman Walter Jones, R-NC, introduced new legislation, H.R. 6514, which will ensure that all military chaplains in every branch of the American armed services -- including at all the U.S. military academies such as West Point and Annapolis -- would have the right to recite a closing prayer outside of a religious service according to the dictates of the chaplain's own conscience.

Congressman Ron Paul, former Republican presidential candidate from Texas, is the first original co-sponsor on Congressman Walter Jones' tremendous legislation. Christian Coalition of America wholeheartedly supports this legislation and urges all Members of the House of Representatives to co-sponsor this bill.

In John McCaslin's "Inside the Beltway" of the "Washington Times" on Monday, Congressman Jones was quoted saying: "For Christian chaplains, closing their prayers in the name of Jesus Christ is a fundamental part of their beliefs, and to suppress this form of expression would violate their religious freedom. The demand for so-called 'nonsectarian' prayer is merely a euphemism declaring that prayers will be acceptable only so long as they censor Christian beliefs."

The text of Congressman Jones' bill, H.R. 6514 says: To amend title 10, United States Code, to ensure that every military chaplain has the prerogative to close a prayer outside of a religious service according to the dictates of the chaplain's own conscience.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled..." Congressman Jones said that some progress is being made. For example, the 2007 National Defense Authorization Act, directed the secretaries of the Navy and Air Force to rescind 2006 guidelines preventing chaplains from praying according to their own faith and conscience in public venues.

A tiny minority of radical atheists, inside and outside the military, have agitated to get rid of any prayers by military chaplains who pray in the name of Jesus Christ. This discrimination will end once and for all, when Congressman Jones' legislation becomes law.

ACTION ITEM: Please your Congressman at 202-225-3121 or you can go to and email them and urge them to co-sponsor the legislation introduced by Congressman Walter Jones, H.R. 6514, to ensure that every military chaplain has the right to close a prayer according to the dictates of the chaplain's own conscience.

On Wednesday, the U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals Ruled that the City Council of Fredericksburg, Virginia, Could Ban "In Jesus' Name" in City Council Meeting Prayers and Ban Fellow City Councilmen who Pray in the Name of Jesus From Praying Radical judicial tyrants continue to legislate from the bench as shown this week when the United States Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the city council of Fredericksburg, Virginia had the legal authority to require so-called "non-sectarian" prayer and they could also ban a Christian council member, the Rev. Hasmel Turner, from being able to pray during city council meetings because he prayed "in Jesus' name."

Sandra Day O'Connor, the liberal retired former Supreme Court Justice who sat in on the appeals court case, continues to spread mischief, to legislate from the bench, and to write left-wing decisions, as she did for decades when she sat on the United States Supreme Court. O'Connor wrote the decision on Wednesday which said: "The restriction that prayers be nonsectarian in nature is designed to make the prayers accessible to people who come from a variety of backgrounds, not to exclude or disparage a particular faith."

Air Force Academy graduate, Gordon James Klingenschmitt, the former United States Navy chaplain who faced court-martial for praying "in Jesus name" in uniform (but won the victory in Congress for other chaplains), defended Rev. Hashmel Turner. Chaplain Klingenschmitt said: "The Fredericksburg government violated everybody's rights by establishing a non-sectarian religion, and requiring all prayers conform, or face punishment of exclusion.

"Justice O'Connor showed her liberal colors today, by declaring the word 'Jesus' as illegal religious speech, which can be banned by any council who wishes to ignore the First Amendment as she did. Councilman Rev. Hashmel Turner should run for mayor, fire the other council-members, and re-write the prayer policy. And if he appeals to the Supreme Court, I pray he will win, in Jesus' name."

House Armed Services Subcommittee on Personnel Held a Hearing on Wednesday to Determine Whether the 1993 Law -- Passed Overwhelmingly in a Democrat Congress -- Outlawing Homosexuals in the Military, Should be Overturned

On Wednesday, the House Armed Services Committee subcommittee on personnel held a hearing on the law passed by a liberal Democrat Congress in 1993 which was responding to the tremendous outcry of the American people about Bill Clinton's attempt to force homosexuals into the United States military. The 1993 law banning homosexuals from the American military passed overwhelmingly.

The Democrats held this week's hearing the same week when their approval rating has reached the lowest rate of any American Congress in history: some 9% of Americans approve of their dismal performance.

Bill Clinton basically ignored the 1993 law and instituted a policy called "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," and now the radical homosexual lobby wants to overturn both the 1993 law and Bill Clinton's illegal interpretation of the law. The law passed Congress with veto-proof majorities in 1993 and has been upheld as constitutional several times.

Mrs. Elaine Donnelly, President of the Center for Military Readiness, who played a key role in passing the 1993 law banning homosexuals in the military, testified at the hearing on Wednesday, along with a former Sergeant Major in the Army, Brian Jones, a veteran of the Army's Delta Force. An ultra-liberal Congressman from Arkansas, Democrat Vic Snyder said that Mrs. Donnelly's concern about the impact of HIV-positive American soldiers was "dumb." Other Democrat members of the committee were also extremely rude to these American patriots.

Mrs. Donnelly said last week that this may be the only hearing that liberals in charge of Congress will hold before they move to actually repeal the law. They hope to pass a new law allowing homosexuals to serve in the military if Barrack Obama becomes president. Obama has promised his left-wing base he will -- like Bill Clinton tried to do -- put homosexuals into the military. Mrs. Donnelly has also alerted America as to the outrageous “perception management” (PM) techniques employed by powerful forces in the radical left-wing "news" media and by fellow left-wing activists who are determined to impose a sexual agenda on the military.

Arrayed against conservative groups such as Christian Coalition of America and the Center for Military Readiness are large, well-funded activist groups like the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN), the ACLU, the Human Rights Campaign and other Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Left organizations. They are devoted to one radical goal: repeal of the 1993 law, which is constantly mislabeled “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”

Mrs. Donnelly and Sergeant Major Jones at Wednesday's hearing exposed the extent of the real damage that will be done to the culture of our military if these groups are allowed to win. She said that we cannot stand by and allow the full force of mandatory social engineering to be imposed on our men and women in uniform. The situation is critical, and everyone who cares about our military needs to defend our military from this threat.


Senator Sam Brownback Blasts the Decision by the U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals Throwing out the $550,000 Fine Imposed on CBS by the Federal Communications Commission For Showing Janet Jackson's Breast During the 2004 Super Bowl in Front of Tens of Millions of Children

Senator Sam Brownback, R-KS, Chairman of the Senate Values Action Team condemned the decision on Monday by the United States Third Circuit Court of Appeals which threw out the $550,000 fine imposed on CBS Television by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC,) for its showing Janet Jackson's breast during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show seen by tens of milions of children around the world.

The radical judges in the majority said that the FCC had "acted arbitrarily and capriciously" in imposing this mild fine on CBS. Senator Brownback a few years ago led the effort to increase the fines for such indecency infractions by the television networks and the liberal television networks have been squawking ever since.

Senator Brownback authored the "Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act" which increased by a factor of ten fines for broadcasting obscene, indecent, or profane material. The "Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act" increased fines for television networks and individual performers from $37,500 per infraction to $375,000 per infraction. President George W. Bush signed this law in June 2006.

The FCC had argued that CBS should have had a video-delay system installed during live performances so that they could delete such examples of indeceny as Janet Jacket and her fellow performer, Justin Timberlake, demonstrated to the billion or so people watching the CBS broadcast around the world. Her nudity occurred at the end of the half-time show when Timberlake stripped away Jackson's bustier while singing: "gonna have you naked by the end of this song."

It is long past time for these radical left-wing judges to stop legislating from the bench.

Senator Brownback said following the ruling by the court last Monday: "I am disappointed that this panel of federal judges apparently does not take seriously the viewpoint of many Americans. These judges failed to acknowledge that Janet Jackson’s so-called ‘wardrobe malfunction’ was distasteful and shocking for viewers, but based on all the calls and letters my office received in the days following the Super Bowl, I disagree."

Senator Brownback also said that "Radio and television waves are public property, and it is a privilege for broadcasters to use those public airwaves. We ask that broadcasters keep their content free from indecent, obscene, and profane speech during hours when children are likely to be watching. Broadcasters who do not abide by such guidelines should be held accountable and should face suitable fines."

After Liberals on the 3rd and 4th Circuit Court of Appeals Made Terrible Decisions This Week, Commonsense Prevailed on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday as The Majority Ruled that a Christian University in Colorado Can Receive State Scholarship Money

Finally, commonsense prevailed on one United States Circuit Court of Appeals this week following the left-wing decisions made by the 3rd and 4th Circuit Courts of Appeals. On Wednesday, the United States Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a Christian university in Colorado can receive state scholarship money. The Associated Press reported that this decision was the latest in a string of legal victories for religious schools seeking American taxpayer dollars.

The ruling this week concerned Colorado Christian University which has some 2,000 students in a Denver suburb. Most students attend chapel every week and sign a promise to following the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. In addition, the university faculty must sign a statement that they believe that the Bible is the "infallible Word of God."

The Associated Press reported that the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals majority ruled that the state of Colorado "overstepped its bounds with a system allowing students to use state scholarship dollars at some religious colleges, but not those dubbed 'pervasively sectarian' -- a judgment that required bureacrats to investigate such tricky criteria as whether religion courses amounted to neutral study or proselytizing." Colorado had allowed students to use their scholarships at Methodist and Roman Catholic universities in the state, but not at Colorado Christian University (CCU), which is a nondenominational university.

The President of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, Paul Corts, said following the latest victory for Christian colleges and universities that students "attending institutions such as CCU who take their faith-based commitment seriously should have an equal opportunity to participate in Colorado's financial program."

The Associated Press reported that religious colleges have argued that their students should not be deprived of a state benefit everyone else can get, a very commonsense position. "Last year, California's Supreme Court upheld the rights of 'pervasively sectarian' institutes benefiting from government programs that issue bonds on their behalf. Another federal appeals court, the Fourth Circuit in Richmond, VA, sided with Columbia Union College in Maryland, a school affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist Church that had been denied access to a state bond finance program.

"The Sixth Circuit in Cincinnati upheld bonds issued on behalf of David Lipscomb University, a school in Tennessee affiliated with the Churches of Christ where students attend daily Bible classes. In 2004, the U.S. Supreme Court sided with the state of Washington against a student who claimed discrimination because he couldn't use a publicly funded scholarship to pursue a degree in theology.

"But in Wednesday's ruling, the 10th Circuit took a narrow view of that decision. It acknowledged that the Supreme Court had allowed states to withhold their support for certain degree programs. However, the 10th Circuit ruled, that position doesn't 'extend to the wholesale exclusion of religious institutions and their students' from sources of government support that are otherwise neutral. Nor can Colorado make intrusive judgments about what constitutes a 'sectarian' or 'pervasively sectarian' school.

"'The First Amendment does not permit government officials to sit as judges of the indoctrination quotient of theology classes, Judge Michael McConnell wrote." Judge McConnell was a nominee of President George W. Bush.


Christian Coalition Activists Need to Encourage 110th Congress to Pass Both "Net Neutrality" and "Multicast/Equal Access" Legislation to Prevent Discrimination Against Religious Broadcasters /Democrat-controlled Congress Expected to Pass "Net Neutrality"

ACTION ITEM: Please your Congressman at 202-225-3121 or you can go to and email them and urge them to co-sponsor the Net Neutrality legislation introduced by Republican Congressman Charles "Chip" Pickering and Democrat Congressman Edward Markey called the "Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2008," H.R. 5353.

"Multicast/Equal Access" (formerly called "Multicast/Must-carry") will go a long way to preventing discrimination against religious broadcasters. Without a "Multicast/Equal Access" law, the cable and satellite companies would probably not add new Christian channels and the influence of current Christian channels will be diluted.

ACTION ITEM: Please continue to ask your Members of Congress to support “Multicast/Equal Access” and religious broadcasters. Call your Congressman and 2 Senators at 202-225-3121 or you can go to and email them and let them know we need a “Multicast/Equal Access" legislation.

Please sign our petition and join the Faith & Family Television Task Force at encourage your family, friends and church friends to also sign the petition at our website join the Christian Coalition’s Judicial Task Force, which is dedicated to ending the obstruction of the President's judicial nominees and ensuring that they ALL receive a fair "up or down" vote by the full Senate.

There are a number of President Bush's Circuit Court of Appeals' nominees who have not yet received a Senate floor vote. The challenge to confirm President Bush's nominees in a Democrat-controlled Senate will be very difficult and we need your help in doing just that. You will become part of a team of individuals who are committed to being ready on a moment’s notice to take action when obstruction occurs.

Please keep the above issues in prayer. Through prayer and action great and mighty things can be accomplished. Psalm 33:12 “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord…”

Please be sure to forward this message on to as many people as possible!

November 6, 2008................................................update: 11-27-08 Evangelicals responsible for Obama victory By Bryan Fischer

Here's the single most important takeaway from Tuesday's election: evangelical voters are responsible, all by themselves, for putting Sen. Barack Obama into the White House.

A mentor of mine was fond of saying that the church is the secret government of the world, based on Jesus' teaching that his followers are the salt of the earth, arresting the spread of decay, and the light of the world, bringing illumination to a darkened and deceived humanity.

As the church goes, he believed, so the world goes.

According to exit polling data, Sen. Obama, a supporter of unlimited abortion rights and the radical homosexual agenda, did not win a majority of evangelicals in any state in the Union.

Overall, 74% of self-identified evangelical or born-again Christians voted for Sen. McCain, who has a 100% voting record on the pro-life issue and supported the state marriage amendments which were on the ballot in Arizona, California and Florida, all of which won decisively. One quarter of evangelicals voted for Sen. Obama.

In my home state of Idaho, 80% of evangelicals voted for the McCain-Palin ticket, while just 19% voted for the Obama-Biden ticket.

Two things are particularly noteworthy. One, it's amazing all by itself that 25% of evangelicals found some way to justify voting for a presidential candidate who supported infanticide while a state senator in Illinois, wants to overturn every pro-life law in the land as his first order of presidential business, and calls the Defense of Marriage Act an "abhorrent" law which he wants to repeal as soon as he can.

One can only wonder what kind of teaching these evangelicals are getting on morality in public policy from their pulpits. Have they been told that the Bible teaches that, according to Psalm 139 and Luke 1, a woman carries a baby in her womb, and not a blob of tissue? Have they been taught that the Scriptures teach in Genesis 1, Matthew 19, and 1 Corinthians 7 that marriage is the union of one man and one woman, and that the Scriptures teach in Romans 1 and 1 Corinthians 5 that homosexual behavior is contrary to nature?

Secondly, it's clear that the simplest path toward recapturing America's moral compass is to create more and better instructed evangelicals.

Evangelicals now comprise 26% of American voters, meaning that of the 120,659,318 votes cast, 31,371,423 of them were cast by evangelicals. This means, bottom line, that 7,842,856 evangelicals cast their votes for Obama.

Sen. Obama's margin of victory in the popular vote was 7,576,856. This, you will note, is less than the number of evangelical votes for Obama. The bottom line, then, is that if all evangelicals had voted according to biblical standards of morality, Sen. McCain would have won the election by 266,000 votes.

Thus the most radical, left-leaning president America has ever had has evangelicals to thank for his elevation to the highest office in the world. He has been put into White House by evangelicals. Evangelicals all by themselves had the power to keep the most liberal senator in United States history out of the Oval Office and did not do so.

If evangelicals had cast their votes according to what they claim are their most deeply held convictions, we would now be talking about Sen. McCain's choice of cabinet members rather than fretting about how it will be possible to stop the pro-abortion, pro-homosexual juggernaut that will be unleashed on America on January 20.

And even assuming voting patterns remained the same, if evangelicals consisted of 37.5% of the electorate instead of just 25%, McCain also would have won. Under that scenario, McCain would have received almost 34 million votes from evangelicals, with Obama receiving just over 11 million, and the difference of 22.5 million votes would have been enough to overcome the 7.5 million vote margin that Obama received on Tuesday.

Bottom line: if we want to salvage the future of this country, all we need are more evangelicals.

The most patriotic thing we can do, both for the kingdom of God and the United States, is to bring our family members and friends into a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Evangelism, in other words, is not only our spiritual duty, it is our patriotic duty.

If each of us brings one soul into the kingdom of God over the next four years, the faith community will double in size, and even if teaching in the church does not improve, candidates who respect the Judeo-Christian underpinnings of American history and culture will easily be elevated to office.

Thus the path forward for evangelicals who care deeply about the moral fiber of this country, the soundness of its public policy, and the future of the country we are leaving for our children and grandchildren is quite clear: We should pray and work (in that order) for spiritual awakening to come to America and especially to its churches, and pray and work (in that order) to see that America's pulpits are filled with men who without apology and without compromise preach the word of God.

The Theocratic Dictatorship November 23, 2008 (and its ultimate demise)

The 1979 War with Iran

Drill already!

Anti-Missile System

70 per cent of Iranians want to be liberated from their Dictatorship

one sixth will be liberated.

[Ezekiel 38]

The Gog Magog War of Ezekiel 38

The Cush relatives of Genesis 10 [Gen. 10]

The Confederation of Nations


.....Libya-the Africa nations

.....Ethopia-the Africa nations



The America Role

[I Cor. 15: 51-58] [Dan. 9:6, 27; 8:17-25]

The 2nd Coming of Christ after the broken peace treaty

[Matthew 24:29-35] [Revelation 13:3, 19:11, 6:2] [Gen. 1:1] [Ps. 24:1] [Gen. 12:3, 30:27] [Luke 7:1-10] [Acts 10:1-33] [Matt. 25:40] [Acts 1:11] [John 15:14] [Luke 6:46] [Matt. 25:40] [Obad. 15]

The Players:

King of the North: Russia, gog, magog

King of the East: China

King of the South: the Arab Nations

King of the West: the ECU (European Community Union)

Their mission: World Domination Through Socialism via Islam

Their method: CFR (Community Foreign Relations)

Their leader: the Devil

[Ezek. 36:7-11, 24-26] [Ezek. 37:1,2, 4, 8, 5-6, 8 11, 4, 12]

Israel was reborn in 1948

[Ezek. 38:9, 18-19] [Ezek. 39] [Ps. 121:4] [Ezek. 39:2,7,22, 25, 29]

The Church (the body of Christian believers) will be taken from earth

Daniel means "God is my judge" 2500 years end of the 70 years of Babylonian captivity

[Daniel 2:31-35] [Dan. 2:36, 5, 13-18] [Jeremiah 33:3] [Daniel 2 & 7] [Gen. 13:14-18; 17:8] [Mal. 3:6] [Deut. 7:9] [I cor. 15:51-58] [Matt. 24:29-30]

The Second Coming of Christ after the Ttribulation and broken peace treaty The Tribulation The Unbelief The Vengence The Wrath of God The Year of Jubilee Zacariah

Seven years after the broken peace treaty:

[Daniel 2:32-49]

Accuracy of script the most exact in the Greek

[Dan. 2:40]

Colapse from within because of immorality

Ten toes of Iron and clay that dont mix: Christian and Islam

Before the 2nd coming, 10 kingdoms of rebellion

[Rev. 17:3] [Dan. 2:45] [Matt. 16:18] [Dan. 2:44] [Matt. 6:13] [Isa. 9:7]

The Clash of Civilizations

[Matt. 24:3] [Rev. 21:1] [Ps. 121:4] and Ed Hinson

"Jesus took it all, past, present, and future sins of ALL mankind"


Court to Decide if Vets Can Be Honored with Cross

Posted: 29 May 2009 06:00 AM PDT

By Audrey Hudson | The Washington Times

Some see it as the universal symbol of sacrificeM.B> in World War I, others see it as the undisputed sign of Christianity, but it will be up to the Supreme Court to make a final determination as to whether a 7-foot cross remains standing in a California desert to memorialize war veterans.

The cross was first erected in 1934 in what is now the federally protected Mojave Desert Preserve by a group of veterans whose doctors advised them that the desert heat would help them recover from shell shock.

Veterans today say this war memorial and others like it across the country that use religious symbols are under attack by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

“They are not the enemy; they are just dead wrong,” says Joe Davis, spokesman for the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW). But the civil liberties group says the cross is offensive to Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim and other non-Christian veterans.

“People of every faith have fought and died for this country,” says Peter Eliasberg, counsel for the ACLU Foundation of Southern California. “Yet we will have veterans divided about the idea of how you reflect the sacrifice of American veterans.”

“For us to choose the principal symbol of one religion that says Jesus is the Son of God and He is divine and say that is an appropriate way to reflect the sacrifice of people who don’t believe that … is excluding by its very nature,” Mr. Eliasberg said.

“What we would like done, it is appropriate to have a war memorial and to choose a symbol that reflects everyone, and not a symbol that divides veterans by their faith,” Mr. Eliasberg said. At a gathering last week at the National Press Club, just before the Memorial Day weekend, several veterans organizations made their case for why the Supreme Court should rule in their favor during its next session, which begins in October.

“This Memorial Day is more than just a three-day weekend at the beach,” Mr. Davis said.

“This is about remembrance.”


Is this God’s Final Warning to America?

Posted: 30 May 2009 06:00 AM PDT

By Jan Markell | Olive Tree Ministries

America is at a crossroads. Many are asking if she can be saved, or has God abandoned America? What a pitiful conclusion, if so, for a nation that has been a beacon of hope for the oppressed of the world. How often has America banded to fight off aggression or traveled to the ends of the earth to aid the less fortunate? How many missionaries has she provided to the world saving an untold number of lost souls?

Some say America must be punished for her sins, but are they really that much more grave than other wealthy nation? Luke 12:48 reminds us that from those given a great deal will be required much more. Have we used our God-given assets properly?

My radio guest on May 16 was John McTernan, author of God’s Final Warning to America and As America Has Done to Israel. (As America Has Done to Israel will be on my Web site in the next few days.) Since 1987, John has tracked judgment on America when we abuse the unborn, look the other way at the radical gay agenda, and cause any kind of harm to God’s covenant land of Israel. Some have “issues” with this. I am not sure why since there is a biblical illustration for each category. Ever heard of Sodom and Gomorrah?

Right now America is torn in two, and the more Obama pushes the division of Israel, the more division there will be in our country. It has far surpassed the clever little red state-blue state illustration of a few years ago. Now it is hard-core secular humanist liberalism vs. traditional values and biblical values’ people butting heads. Just this rampant division in our country is judgment. We cannot all get along! The chasm of division grows more each day!

America is trillions of dollars in debt. More than 60% of the country is experiencing a drought. Two million houses are in foreclosure. Read Deuteronomy 28 to see how God dealt with a rebellious Israel. Why would He do less to a rebellious America?

Recently Homeland Security declared millions of good people “right-wing extremists.” Janet Napolitano has now pulled that position paper due to the outcry. Nonetheless, very good people were called evil with overtones of Isaiah 5:20 at play. Let’s be honest and say this kind of labeling was going on long before the Obama administration came to power but now it is on fast-forward.

Dr. James Dobson stated that “America is awash in evil.” He also stated in World Net Daily on May 14, 2009, “There is utter evil coming out of the U.S. Congress.” Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX) has been reporting on the “pedophile protection act” being promoted by Congress. He states, “If we don’t have another awakening, I’m not sure what’s left (of America).” Dobson concurs and says that the threat to religious rights “keeps me awake at night.”

Under certain circumstances, names for Jesus or symbols of Jesus must be covered up as ordered by the Obama administration. If any prayer is to be used in any service or ceremony, it must be approved and likely will be stricken out. There is almost unbelievable news that our Pentagon is burning Bibles. Do we even have a right to expect God’s favor on America?

Thankfully some Christian leaders and pastors are speaking up and risking all, but for the most part, the church is asleep. A nation is only as strong as her churches are strong. A passage was given to Israel that can be applied to our day, which reads, “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, then turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and will heal their land” (II Chronicles 7:14).

The verse is not directed at the devil’s crowd! The responsibility for turning around the direction of a country falls heavily on people of faith.

Unfortunately many churches today don’t want to preach about judgment. They are spiritually anesthetized. They have not been taught to fear the Lord but rather, that God is all about love because that makes people come to church. Many pastors and ministry leaders would never put a big part of the blame on America’s demise onto the church! They’re into church growth and don’t make waves or people won’t return next week. Praise needs to be extended to pastors and church leaders who are holding to truth, who are telling the truth, and who are warning of serious judgment occurring now and in the future.

This past spring, “America’s pastor,” Rick Warren, reversed himself on California’s “Proposition 8.” He ultimately apologized to the gay community for his endorsement of it. And we expect God’s blessing when “America’s pastor” does this? I realize many reading this do not consider Rick their pastor, but let’s be honest, many do. America’s “other pastor” is Joel Osteen who said on Larry King that he’s just glad Obama “loves the Lord.” Why the sugar-coating? Why not tell the inconvenient truth?

We have reached a point where we can only pray that God would have mercy in His judgment on America, and that He would send an outpouring of His Spirit to help beat back the rampant evil of our times. Perhaps right now our only focus should be on evangelism before the Ark door shuts once again. Maybe it is too late for petitions and pleading with Congress to do things right. Maybe our focus should be eternal, not earthly. But once an individual or a nation gives up, the slide can be at rapid pace and no one wants to see that. The Bible doesn’t tell Christians to be "salt and light” just up to a certain point in history and then quit!


Desiree Stoy, National President




Latest Mistake Follows Libel of Troops: Janet Napolitano Muse Be Fired

The latest example of her incompetence to serve as the top person at Homeland Security came when she wrongly claimed this week that the 9/11 terrorists came through Canada to launch the attack, even though not one of the radical Muslims traveled through our northern neighbor.

How could the head of our security be so ignorant?

Her earlier statement this week impugning most American conservatives, like myself, as possible terrorists set off another firestorm of criticism of the DHS Secretary.

Last week, Napolitano released a report saying that returning veterans from Iraq or Afghanistan should be watched as they could become domestic conservative terrorists.

My son loved this country enough that he gave up his life for it. But under this woman’s leadership he would have been profiled as a possible domestic terrorist when he came home from the war. How outrageous and paranoid it is to suspect our most valiant and loyal warriors?

As a result of the ridiculous report, the FBI went so far as to film the recent tea party protests of loyal Americans because of warnings that conservatives could become terrorist threats. With her ignorance about Islamic terrorism, no wonder she is wasting time examining our troops, anti-tax, pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment and other conservative groups.

It is clear that Napolitano has no clue about the details of what happened to America on September 11, 2001. And she has offended our brave and selfless troops who have protected us since that infamous day of attacks on America’s homeland. Her outlook and priorities are exactly backward and plainly dangerous.


The TROOPATHON Returns with “Honor Their Service”

This past year, MAF held its first ever “Troopathon” and all internet telethon-style web broadcast to raise funds to send care packages to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. We called it “From the Frontlines” because we wanted to bring you the real story of what was going on in the front lines of the war in Iraq, all the stories of success and victory brought by the surge. We showed you the stories that the mass media was not reporting.


Americans Demand Apology for Obama Administration “Political Profiling” Against Our Troops and Conservatives

Rumors are flying that Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano is on the list of possible nominees for the next Supreme Court Justice of the United States. She would fill the seat of retiring Justice David Souter, who announced last week he is leaving the court in October.

There have been many rumors circulating about who may replace him. Yesterday in a Fox News interview with Chris Wallace, Janet Napolitano would not deny having interest in the job. In only 100 days of the Obama Administration she has become a major embarrassment to most Americans, refusing to call Islamic Jihadists terrorists, but then warning law enforcement agencies around the country to watch out for our returning veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq.


Homeland Security Chief Oblivious to REAL Terrorists Threats

On Short List to fill U.S. Supreme Court Vacancy Rumors are flying that Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano is on the list of possible nominees for the next Supreme Court Justice of the United States. She would fill the seat of retiring Justice David Souter, who announced last week he is leaving the court in October.

There have been many rumors circulating about who may replace him. Yesterday in a Fox News interview with Chris Wallace, Janet Napolitano would not deny having interest in the job. In only 100 days of the Obama Administration she has become a major embarrassment to most Americans, refusing to call Islamic Jihadists terrorists, but then warning law enforcement agencies around the country to watch out for our returning veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq.


Only a Partial Congressional Victory More Maneuvering By Obama to Come

Our campaign to keep Gitmo open has begun to bear fruit as Democrats in Congress, who steadfastly supported President Obama as he ordered the closing of Guantanamo Bay’s prison, changed course on Monday and voted AGAINST funding for shutting the prison. It is a major loss for Obama, but a win for the American people

We at Move America Forward are grateful for the patriots who have stood with us as we’ve led the fight to keep Gitmo open. Our message is being heard, and we will not stop until Obama reverses course on his dangerous decision.

With no suitable plans for housing dangerous terrorists, including the mastermind of 9/11 and others with American blood on their hands, outside of Gitmo, Obama is only pleasing radical anti-American liberals. But it endangers Americans.

The Democrats in the House of Representatives refused to give Obama the $81 million he requested to close Gitmo, claiming he has failed to come up with a reasonable alternative plan. These Congressmen are afraid that the Obama Administration is going to be dumping terrorists into their districts and jeopardizing their re-election as Americans find out about it.

“When they have a plan, they're welcome to come back and talk to us," House Appropriations Chairman David Obey (D-Wisc.) said. Despite being a leading liberal in the House, even Obey was afraid of repercussions with terrorists being brought to the United States.

Obey’s remarks make it clear the battle isn’t over. He is still inviting the Administration to reveal a plan they can support, but we will never support bringing terrorists to the United States.

Obama and the Democrats could still easily get money to close Gitmo in another supplemental spending bill, but we’re making real progress in proving to the Administration that they are wrong and will pay a heavy price for making these rash moves.


The Unimaginable: Obama to Let 30 GITMO Terrorists WALK FREE on American Soil

The Obama Administration has cleared 30 Guantanamo Bay terrorist suspects and will soon set them free. One of those Obama has cleared for freedom is an al-Qaeda doctor named Ayman Batarfi, who has ties to the terrorist group’s anthrax program.

According to the Weekly Standard, Batarfi also met with Osama bin Laden and was in Tora Bora when al-Qaeda and the Taliban fought the United States. How much do you want to bet that a friend of Osama bin Laden is no friend of ours?

Move America Forward has been warning about this very thing. We went to Guantanamo Bay in December to see for ourselves and urged Obama not to bring these terrorists to America, but now our worst fears are coming true. We have to step up the fight so we can get Congress to block Obama from endangering our safety and security. Please help get our TV spot on the air now.


MAF Hosts 2nd “Troopathon” to Support Troops June 25th!!

You are among the first to hear about MAF’s next big project to support our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan with care packages from home. Last year, Move America Forward raised more than $1.5 million in our first ever web-a-thon. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Oliver North and many, many more Americans stood up for our troops and let them know that we support them.

This year Move America Forward is bringing back the same star-studded cast and throwing another “Troopathon” called “Honor their Service” and broadcasting on June 25th. For the second year in a row, this year’s program will be co-hosted by megablogger Michelle Malkin and Melanie Morgan from San Francisco’s KSFO Hot Talk Radio. We have added a great addition this year, also co-hosting will be Andrew Breitbart, who runs Breitbart.TV and Big Hollywood.

And talk-show megastar Rush Limbaugh will stand with our troops again this year during the webathon!

That’s right, Rush, who joined us for last year’s “From the Front Lines,” will be returning this year to participate in another full segment of “Honor Their Service.” His star power is sure to draw more troop supporters to this effort, which means more care packages for our brave troops overseas!

Our troops were overjoyed by your love and good wishes last year, and we made history by sending the largest single shipment of care packages ever. This year we’re aiming even higher and we need you to join us and send a clear message of thanks to our brave troops, who face down our enemies every day to protect the security of our great country.

We want to break our record from last year by sending an even bigger shipment of care packages. You can help by sponsoring one right now as part of our efforts!



While the news media has tried to keep things quiet, concentrating instead of the economy or other issues, the release of Gitmo detainees by the Obama administration may still be imminent. Even though Congress has been squirming about providing funds to close GITMO, there is every sign that the Obama Administration is forging ahead.

Yes, it seems too horrible to imagine; one assumes Obama would have to be CRAZY to let such a thing happen. It would be unbelievable – but here we see Eric Holder talking plain as day about letting terrorists loose, as reported by Associated Press.


Send a Memorial Day Care Package to The Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan

This morning I received an e-mail about another family who had lost their son in Iraq and were struggling to find answers. I responded to send my condolences, love and support. I inquired about their fallen hero, and as I typed out the words, I could feel the tears starting to fall. I thought about their family, knowing all too well what they were going through, and what was ahead of them in the days and months to follow.

My mind wandered back to August 2, 2006 when I learned of Marc's death. I have never known such deep pain or grief. At times it seems as though it was just yesterday, and at times it feels as though it has been forever since I saw Marc's smile or heard his voice. I never would have imagined that his willing sacrifice would put me on a path traveling across the world: thanking, honoring and supporting our troops, their families, and the families of the fallen.


“Senate votes to block funds for Guantanamo closure”

“In a major rebuke to President Barack Obama, the Senate voted overwhelmingly on Wednesday to block the transfer of Guantanamo detainees to the United States and denied the administration the millions it sought to close the prison.

The 90-6 Senate vote—paired with similar House action last week—was a clear sign to Obama that he faces a tough fight getting the Democratic-controlled Congress to agree with his plans to shut down the detention center and move the 240 detainees.”

We were fortunate to be joined on the program by giants in the pro-troop community like Rush Limbaugh, Oliver North, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Mark Levin, John Ondrasik from the band Five for Fighting and many more. We even had Michelle Malkin in studio co-hosting the broadcast with our own Melanie Morgan! It was extremely exciting to have such great names from radio, tv, film, and music to support our troops


Weakening Conscience Protection: A Direct Attack on the Bible

President Obama has announced that he will rescind the conscience protection for medical workers that currently provides them legal protection for refusing to violate their conscience by participating in abortions.

Significantly, the Bible makes the rights of conscience a repeated subject of emphasis, with thirty references in the New Testament alone. The warning is even issued that if an individual "wounds a weak conscience of another, you have sinned"

(I Corinthians 8:12 "...But when you thus sin against the brethren, and wound their weak conscience, you sin aainst Christ...").

Christians were therefore instructed to respect the differing rights of conscience (v. 13 "...Therefore, if food makes my brother stumble, I will never again eat meat, lest I make my brother stumble...").

(See also I Corinthians 10:27-29 "...If any of those who do not believe invites you to dinner, and you desire to go, eat whatever is set before you, asking no question for conscience sake. But if anyone says to you, "This was offered to idols," do not eat it for the sake of the one who told you, and for conscience' sake; for "The earth is the LORD'S, and all its fullness." Conscience, I say, not your own, but that of the other. For why is my liberty judged by another man's conscience?...")

The rights of conscience have long been a cherished characteristic of the American civil fabric, and America's Framers openly praised these protections:

No provision in our Constitution ought to be dearer to man than that which protects the rights of conscience. THOMAS JEFFERSON, SIGNER OF THE DECLARATION

Consciences of men are not the objects of human legislation. WILLIAM LIVINGSTON, SIGNER OF THE CONSTITUTION

Security under our Constitution is given to the rights of conscience. JOHN JAY, ORIGINAL CHIEF JUSTICE OF THE U. S. SUPREME COURT

Government is instituted to protect property of every sort. . . . [and] conscience is the most sacred of all property. JAMES MADISON, SIGNER OF THE CONSTITUTION

Today, the safeguards for the rights of conscience now appear in forty-seven state constitutions. The President's decision to rescind these protections places him in direct opposition to four centuries of America's civic and religious leaders.

(And I might add he does not uphold the constitution as he swore to do as President, an impeachable offense)

We have just finished a piece that addresses conscience protection from a Biblical and historic perspective.

You can read this piece online, or download it here.

Please share this information with friends and encourage them to contact their elected officials, urging them to preserve conscience protection for medical workers.

Protection for the rights of conscience is just one more reason that Biblical Christianity is so beneficial to a culture and why its principles must be preserved in public policy.

God Bless!

David Barton



Obama Lies And Gives Illegals HealthCare

Concerned American to Concerned American:

Wednesday night an angry Obama lied to the nation about extending his NO Enforcement - Open Border Amnesty Policy to ObamaCare. He said his plan would not apply to illegals and Congressman Joe Wilson called him on his lie. Just cross the border and enter a government clinic and you can get free health care paid for by U.S. taxpayers. Don’t worry your illegal status will not be questioned ObamaCare has no mandatory proof of U.S. citizenship. What a country! Obama is already letting 3.6 million illegal aliens in the country every year and he plans to make us pay for their health care.

50 Illegal aliens WILL JUMP America's borders while you read and beELIGIBLE FOR FREE GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTH CARE

Harry Reid has vowed to pass Amnesty and with open U.S. borders to Mexico and he will allow anyone to enter the country. Senator Schumer is ready to introduce another Amnesty Bill and the illegal immigration issue is now merging with Health Care.

$31 Billion For 6.6 Million Illegals For


According to The Center for Immigration Studies is an independent research institution that examines the impact of immigration on the United States GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTH CARE could benefit 6.6 Million Illegals and cost taxpayers up to $31 Billion.

On July 30 an amendment by Rep. Nathan Deal (R-GA) that would have required identity verification for those claiming U.S. birth was defeated by the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

However 83% of Americans Say Proof of Citizenship Should Be Required to Get Government Health Aid

Opposition to illegal aliens and any form of Amnesty to illegals without a green card and that will be ELIGIBLE FOR FREE GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTH CARE was evident at town hall meetings across the country dealing with ObamaCare.


California is on the verge of bankruptcy and Our Government has yet to stop the invasion of illegal aliens.

Take a look at that always shining gem of political know-how, the state of California which is looking more like Mexifornia everyday and your state is next.

A List of 10 Facts Caused by the Illegal Invasion From the L. A. Times.

1. 40% of all workers in L. A. County are working for cash and not paying taxes. They are predominantly illegal aliens working without a green card and will be ELIGIBLE FOR FREE GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTH CARE.

2. 95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens and they will be ELIGIBLE FOR FREE GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTH CARE.

3. 75% of people on the most wanted list in Los Angeles are illegal aliens they will be ELIGIBLE FOR FREE GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTH CARE.

4. Over 66% of all births in Los Angeles County are to illegal alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal, whose births were paid for by taxpayers and they will be ELIGIBLE FOR FREE GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTH CARE.

5. Nearly 35% of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican Nationals here illegally and they will be ELIGIBLE FOR FREE GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTH CARE.

6. Over 300,000 illegal aliens in Los Angeles County are living in garages and they will be ELIGIBLE FOR FREE GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTH CARE.

7. The FBI reports half of all gang members in Los Angeles are most likely illegal aliens from south of the border and they will be ELIGIBLE FOR FREE GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTH CARE.

8. Nearly 60% of all occupants of HUD properties are illegals and they will be ELIGIBLE FOR FREE GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTH CARE.

9. (There are 10.2 million people in L.A. County) The fact that California is on the verge of bankruptcy is just a coincidence right?

10. It has nothing to do with illegal aliens, right? 60% of Americans agree that illegal aliens are the cause of this and they do want them to be ELIGIBLE FOR FREE GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTH CARE.

25 New illegal aliens JUST CROSSED our border while you are reading and will be ELIGIBLE FOR FREE GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTH CARE

This is the kind of change Obama is rushing at break neck speed to impose on the 97% of Real Americans that work hard for a living. It is time to stand up for what the majority of Americans believe in a free America, where the government represents the people, not use them for their own gains.

New polling information could become a political death blow to Obama's plans to radically overhaul America's Health Care and Immigration Laws!

Rasmussen Reports has released polling data showing that 83% of Americans oppose illegal immigrants or illegal aliens receiving any "government health care subsidies". Opposition crossed all racial, gender, and political party lines. Only 12% of those surveyed support health care subsidies for illegals.

This new fusion of the Health Care and Illegal Immigration debates combined with new polling data showing a super majority of Americans oppose the Obama plans for Health Care and Immigration Reform may be dead on arrival.

But we must make our voices heard and defeat this bill just like all previous Amnesty Bills have been stopped.

AmeriPAC is calling on supporters nationwide to distribute the new poll showing 83% opposition to benefits for illegal aliens, to attend and speak out against illegal immigration and Amnesty at town hall meetings, and to attend and support 9/12 and Taxpayer Tea Party events with signs opposing illegal immigration and Amnesty and any politician siding with the illegal aliens.


ObamaCare is lagging in the poles and losing support and Obama's call for Obamites in local communities to lobby for Socialized and Rationed Health Care is failing because there are just too many unanswered questions.

Not surprisingly people are getting pretty nervous, as well they should. So OBAMA NOW SAYS HE WANTS HIS SOCIALIST MOVEMENT IN CONGRESS TO VOTE since the effort to "get out there, fight lies with truth, and set the record straight" has failed.

Folks that is what AmeriPAC has been doing all along setting the record strait. We believe you are entitled to know everything in this bill and how much you stand to lose and how much it will cost you.

Be sure you counter Party Obamites, (Old Testament Sodimites)tell everyone the truth about this bad bill, and make certain your members of Congress know that you're counting on them to act and STOP THIS BILL.

But we have a chance TODAY to stop them as well!


More than 88 million Americans could LOSE their private, employer-based coverage, according to a new analysis of "The American Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009" released this week by The Heritage Foundation.

While Obama, Pelosi and Reid insist that "if you like your health insurance coverage, you'll get to keep it," it's now very clear: once again,


Is THIS "change we can believe in"??? NO -- and that means WE have to take action NOW!

We can't AFFORD Obama's plan to socialize health care in America!

How can anyone in Congress vote for a new entitlement program for health care when Congress has not even begun to face up to this unfunded liabilities problem?

Well, they're trying to -- but WE can stop them, with YOUR help!

We CANNOT let the radical liberals in Congress -- and the White House -- force this plan for socialized health care on the American people!

That's why we've set up our website to enable you to send a strong message to every single member of Congress, in both Houses, OPPOSING this outrageous plan.

For about what it would cost you in time and telephone charges, you can send Blast Faxes to Democrats, Republicans, Independents -- EVERYONE in the U.S. House AND the U.S. Senate, DEMANDING that they REJECT this socialized health care plan NOW!

Can it work? Can we stop Congress from forcing this down our throats, even though the GOP is in the minority?

YES -- thanks to "blue dog Democrats," who are more conservative than their "leaders" like Pelosi and Reid. Already, they've been holding up the bill in committee; now, they're saying that Pelosi might not have the votes she needs in the House! And on the Senate side, thanks to the overwhelming opposition of the American people to this bill, Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT), chair of the Senate Finance Committee, was overheard jokingly telling House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Maryland, "let me tell you, praying might be helpful here."


Please, take action right away to STOP this bill dead in its tracks!

For more information, visit

Defend America,

Alan Gottlieb


President and Founder

P.S. America needs health care reform. But new government programs, mandates, and price controls would deny patients control over their most important and personal medical decisions -- and it's "reform" that we cannot afford.


and it MUST be stopped! Send your faxes right away to make sure these Senators get a STRONG message, to REJECT the socialized plan of "Obamacare" NOW -- Thank you!



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Jesus Christ Being The Chief Cornerstone

On this Independence Day May God bless your family and all those who love freedom in America


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