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Web site designs by Ventures In Success, Ventures Marketing, and Christian Life Online Fellowship...


Give thanks always in all things in calm and through the storm

Jesus is the reason for the season, ANY season!


Discover The Walking Bible Man at The Ministry of the Shepherds

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Web site designs byVentures Global Marketing will use Christian principled training based on TIMELESS, PROVEN, SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLES that ALL self-help books extract for their teaching. Start with The Ventures Global Marketing, the 1st link on this page below, and discover the possibilities of YOUR Venture in Success.

Be sure to come back to this Home Page and explore the other web site designs and marketing plans strategies and opportunities that are listed...

God bless, and enjoy!

Click the last link on this page, JBT CONTACT and let us know how we can be of further service or send an email to info@hisbranch.com and may God bless YOUR Ventures In Success!


Follow the FREE 224 page manual, the "Proven" success bible for Web Site Designs and Net users Worldwide, its Number One . So is Google.

Success follows success and so does Ventures In Success!

Sow your seed here for your harvest later, get equipped to increase faith in the workplace

God's Blessing Is My Harvest!

Every good and perfect gift comes from above and it was all created for me--I am a child of God!

God's commandments are there to help elevate me, not box me in--I am set free to think higher and live higher!

What I say matters--I sow good words and good seeds to harvest a good future!

I go to God and He points me in the direction of His will for my life every day!

God blesses me with harvest and there is no sorrow attached!

I respect the wealth God puts in my hand--I serve God with it and it becomes a blessing to my family and a tool to help others!

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The Chief Cornerstone being Jesus Christ

This is what Ventures In Success is all about, being good stewards of God's resources through a foundation of good marketing plans and designs that honor God, as we move The Church forward.


Web site designs can include your own Classified Ad Broadcasting System

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Remember to include God in all of your web site designs and marketing plans and HE will bless and guide you in your Ventures In Success.

How many people are on the Internet?

. North America has approximately 223,392,807 internet user This is approximately 68% of the population

. A 106.7 % growth since 2000, About 97 million people use it each day

. 63% of the adults in the country

. 81% of the nation’s teenagers

. Worldwide there are approximately 938,710,929 users


WE AT VENTURES IN SUCCESS AT HISBRANCH.COM ARE RANKED NUMBER 61,577, (at the moment), out of over 900 million users, thanks READERSHIP! Although, the real thanks goes to God, as when we were ranked over 3 million, we included Him in our designs.

Our outreach missions cover these countries:

1 commercial (.com)

2 unresolved

3 network (.net)

4 organizations (.org)

5 Netherlands

6 Germany

7 Australia

8 Russia

9 Chile

10 Seychelles

11 Canada

12 South Africa

13 US educational (.edu)

14 Switzerland

15 Malaysia

16 Portugal

17 United States of America

18 US Military (.mil)

19 People's Republic of China

20 Czech Republic

21 India

22 Poland

23 Greece

24 Japan

25 Singapore

26 United Kingdom

27 US governmental (.gov)

28 information (.info)

29 Brazil

30 Kenya

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On this day the Lord has made, may God bless your family and all those who love freedom in America


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Tom & Betty Langman

Phone: 1-515-318-4494

email: merlerep@gmail.com

What we at Ventures In Success Online Fellowship believe

We believe...

· In one Holy, loving, all-powerful, and gracious Creator God who exists in three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

· That the Bible is the inspired and infallible Word of God, fully authoritative for all matters of faith and practice.

· That Jesus Christ, born of the virgin Mary, fully God and fully human, is both Lord and Savior.

· That Jesus Christ suffered and died on the cross for human sin, that He was raised bodily on the third day, and that He ascended to Heaven and sits at the right hand of God the Father.

· That Jesus Christ will come again to judge the living and the dead and to reign over all things.

· In the Holy Spirit, who brings sinners to repentance, who gives eternal life to believers, and who lives in them to conform them to the image of JesusChrist.

· That Christians should gather in regular fellowship and live lives of faith that make evident the good news that humans enter the kingdom of God by putting their trust in Jesus Christ.

· In the spiritual unity of all believers in our Lord Jesus Christ.

· That salvation comes not by works, but only by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

· In the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come.


If you would like more information

Help us share the vision that God sees for our fellowship and for the other members of Christ's body of believers.

Share with those who are less fortunate. If you feel that the Lord is leading you to make a contribution to the Christian Life Fellowship through the Ventures In Success web site, you can do so through Pay Pal.

If you do not have an account, sign up is free and you can also earn a risidual income as well. Your donation will help us maintain this site and to advance the Church forward in making disciples for Jesus.

See the other resources that we have on site for more of the valuable content needed to have a successful web business using Biblical principals in the workplace markets.

Thank you in advance and may God bless you for your efforts.


Use the form above for more information on what we and others are doing in our Christian walk.








If you feel that God is leading you to make a donation, you can sign up with Pay Pal and we will acknowledge your gift by email, and may God richly bless YOUR Ventures in Business Success!...by helping others to achieve THEIR successful ventures.



"Put On the Whole Armor of God" Eph. 6:13-20. "...that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth BOLDLY, to make known the mystery of the Gospel..."

*1. We have power over the enemy and we are not puffed up. (Our loins girded with Truth and having on the Breastplate of Righteousness )

*2. Go out and harvest, contact others, as our identity is in Christ, our work is our ministry. (Our feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace)

*3. Allow His voice to encourage us as Jesus lives in us....(Our Shield of Faith quenching all the fiery darts of the wicked)

*4. Not to fear rejection, as it is not us, but God they reject. (Helmet of Salvation)

*5. Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit for all saints. (The Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God)


I AM AN AMBASSADOR IN BONDS: that I may contact others and speak boldly as I ought to speak, Listen to encouraging audio and video resources. And finallly, "Go and do likewise" Luke 10: 1-37 (make disciples)


Representative: Tom Langman


Be sure to become a 5 Pillar Affiliate and follow the FREE 224 page manual on web site designs and to start your venture.....


The Calling Express


E-business Success. Of Course!

An e-Business Degree For Your Wall,

An e-Business Success For A Lifetime.

Solo Build It! is a self-taught e-business building course that includes clear step-by-step video instruction and all the tools required not just to "learn," but to actually build a profitable, evergrowing e-business. Students start with nothing, proceeding through the course to build and market Top 1-3% Web sites that work, all for less than a dollar a day.

View The 2½ Minute Shortcut video (click the Sonic Runner) to understand how SBI! empowers you to take your knowledge and transform it into a significantly profitable online business. You graduate with more than a diploma, with more even than e-business success. You graduate with "It!" (more on this below).

Actually, you never really "graduate" since this is much more than just a course. You'll discover the depth and richness of an environment of information, tools, and expert help that takes you as far as you want to go online. There are no limits to what you can achieve in the months to come, including financial peace of mind in these uncertain times.

"Sometimes in school we seem to learn things that we wonder if we will ever use again. This course is certainly the most relevant course I have ever taken."

Diana Shoaf

Treasurer of The Citadel Military College of South Carolina


The World's Only Online Self-Study E-business Course That Delivers Success

Solo Build It! (SBI!) is the world's only online self-study course proven to deliver successful e-businesses. The all-in-one step-by-step system of software tools delivers thriving, profitable businesses by mastering the following...

* niche-brainstorming/planning/researching, and * domain-naming and site-structuring, and * unique site building tool that trains you to get pages perfect, and

* Web hosting and

* traffic-building and site-marketing, and

* enhancing your site reputation and visitor relationships, and

* last but not least... site-monetizing.

Sound like that's too much to master? It is, for most non-SBI!-owning people. But in the words of one SBIer... "SBI is like a lab course. Every next-step is exciting, and, like learning to sail, the next thing you learn-and-do produces observable results."

The right process, the right tools that remove all the barriers and mysteries, correctly applied at the right time. That is how you grow long-term profits. That is how SBI! works.

Click here to watch a video that shows you exactly what you do and how SBI! works. Sit back and invest the most important 30 minutes you will ever spend online.

How good is SBI!?

Click here for the Accredited centers of higher education from Alaska to Zambia than select SBI! as the way to teach undergraduates, MBAs, and continuing education students how to build a successful online business, right in the classroom.

Sound like that's too much to master? It is, for most non-SBI!-owning people. But in the words of one SBIer... "SBI is like a lab course. Every next-step is exciting, and, like learning to sail, the next thing you learn-and-do produces observable results."

The right process, the right tools that remove all the barriers and mysteries, correctly applied at the right time. That is how you grow long-term profits. That is how SBI! works.

Click here to watch a video that shows you exactly what you do and how SBI! works. Sit back and invest the most important 30 minutes you will ever spend online.

How good is SBI!? What SBI! Is... And What It Is Not

First, let's correct some common misconceptions. SBI! is not just its unique sitebuilder. It is not just its state-of-the-Net Web hosting. Those, and all the tools you'll ever need, are included... of course! But Solo Build It! delivers so much more...

SBI! is the only complete and do-able self-study online course that goes way beyond mere "instruction" and site-building and some scattered tools...

* It steadily, methodically takes you through the powerful C T P M process. * it gives you all the tools needed to execute that process. * It provides fast, top quality Support, along with the most friendly, help-and-be-helped forums in the world, to answer all your questions and keep you moving straight ahead (the forums are legendary). * Graduation is just the beginning of your successful e-business. No matter what "post-grad" direction your e-business takes, SBI! has it covered (ex., cream-of-the crop monetization techniques and resources, exactly how to leverage your growth by hiring virtual assistants overseas, and so forth). You may not use all the resources, but everything you need is there no matter how far you go.

As you will discover when you explore other SBI! sites (start here, at the home page), SBI! is the only complete e-business development system that enables you to succeed, no matter how much, or how little, you know at this moment. The course is just the beginning of an exciting, rewarding journey!

Build A Web Site That Works

Act Upon The Fundamental Reality

Of The Way People Use The Web

...............All the Tools, All In One Place, All For ONE Low Price

E-business Success. Simple. Real.

The Most Important Life Skill For These Times

In short, you do not "learn" SBI!. You develop the most important new life skill needed to survive-then-thrive in today's new economic reality. The following are actual comments by SBI! owners ("SBIers") during the current global recession...

I've been watching the economic news. But I am expanding and I'm already a full time writer on the Net thanks to SBI. It's the engine that fuels and pulls this garden publishing empire of mine (including a book on gardening - the publisher approached me because of my SBI! sites). It's the key to my own independence and future. - Doug Green, Ontario, Canada (beginner-gardening.com and 5 other SBI! garden sites)

We were just hanging on in (offline) retail and my hubby in construction, not much better. I am about to start my 4th SBI site and I could not be more excited. SBI! is the future. I am so grateful for SBI!. - Renée Lauren, Pennsylvania, USA (models-fashion-advice.com and 3 other SBI! sites)

More than half of all SBIers use those new-found skills to create multiple income-earning businesses. Grow one business as large as you like or use your skills to create one success after another after another! And, of course, be invaluable to your employer if you want a job. But please note... you won't need a job!

Click Turtle to show more comments about SBI!

"Why Just Build A Site When You Could Build A Business?"

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners can easily "put up a site or blog" nowadays. But they fail to build traffic and income. Why? Because anyone can put up a site nowadays. And that is the problem. With so many sites, the vast majority never generate enough free traffic from Google and other engines. But...

If you don't own your own traffic, if you have to pay for your traffic, then you do not own your business... you are renting it. And renters are at the mercy of the landlord. They do not control their e-futures.

SBI! owners do not just "put up Web sites." They build sites that rank in the Top 1-3% in traffic, free traffic that generates income. They build genuine, profitable, and evergrowing businesses. That, in turn, delivers life-changing freedom (the "It!" in Solo Build It!).

Try SBI! (it's guaranteed) and do the same. Build Web sites that work.

........................Click here. The SBI! Video Tour explains everything. No matter how long and hard you search, you will realize that nothing OVERdelivers like SBI!. Nothing like it even exists.

"Why Just Build A Site When You Could Build A Business?"

The Citadel

Major schools like The Citadel Military College offer SBI!. Why?

2 For 1: E-Business Success And Personal Development

"Business on the Web" seems like one big, unbeatable mystery. SBI! owners often start with zero-knowledge (or worse... bad knowledge). They venture forth as the course steadily demystifies how to use the Web profitably. Step-by-step, they research and plan and learn (all in the course), and then build their businesses and personal freedom.

Call SBIers often comment on how Solo Build It! is also an excellent course in personal development. They become organized, disciplined, focused, persistent and positive. They know that if they put in the effort, this time they will succeed. And they do, achieving the It! of their dreams...

.................................."SBI!...How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways"

Take Solo Build It! And Take Control. Risk-Free

..........Opportunity is born in the midst of chaos, "while all about you are losing their heads," to paraphrase Rudyard Kipling. Whether you are a small business person hurt by the global economic downturn, an employee whose job is at risk, a stay-at-home mom who may need to leave the children to take a job (if you can find one)... the future seems beyond your control.

Now is the time to take control, just like these SBIers (these Case Studies contain valuable lessons), and tens of thousands more. They all started precisely where you are right now, purchased Solo Build It! and methodically worked through the process, SBI! powering them to success. They all took control of their own destinies...

SBI! is unique in every way... its entire approach, using technology to make technology disappear, and the total focus on results. From raw "newbie" to those who thought they were experts (but never succeeded), SBIers grow into accomplished and successful e-business people.

As Malcolm Forbes said, "Venture nothing, and life is less than it should be." Take SBI! home For a Risk-Free Test Drive and just get started.


Solo Build It Here is your FREE 224 page Design Bible!


.............................."Action separates the successful from the rest."

Take action.

Start building your success at no risk right now. You are protected by the Money-Back Success Guarantee.


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